What is Kahoot Smasher and How to Use Kahoot Smash Website?

Kahoot Smasher might sound fancy but its working is fancier than it sounds. Kahoot is an educational platform with millions of users from all parts of the globe. Students use the platform to solve games and learn new things. Both students and teachers can explore Kahoot to benefits. That might be the key reason colleges, and schools use it to test their students. Unfortunately, some students use it to prank out teachers. You might be one of these students. Kahoot Smasher is designed for individuals like you. Developers created it to generate Bots for various games. Even though the internet offers a wide range of Kahoot smash tools, this works perfectly to prank out teachers. We will help you understand what is Kahoot Smasher and how it works. 

A quick Introduction to Kahoot Smash Website

The internet offers thousands of Kahoot spam tools with different names but all of them serve the same purpose. Unfortunately, the accuracy and quality of these tools vary. Kahoot Smasher has stood as the best tool for students who want to prank out their teachers. Introduced more recently, Kahoot Smasher aims at flooding kahoot game sessions with spambots and keeping them as natural as possible and real. It is also capable of surpassing any kahoot security system that schools implement to protect themselves against bots. 

The online tool is free to use and it effectively floods Kahoot game sessions against strict security protocol. Even though most tools fail, the most recent version has been a success. By using many powerful servers and hacking techniques, the tool makes it happen. 

It uses virtual servers and IP addresses simultaneously to beat Kahoot security systems of schools. The user interface is simple and therefore eliminates any chances of confusion while using it. Kahoot Smasher website developers worked to make it look simple but strong enough to beat online security systems. 

How Kahoot Smasher works

Kahoot Smasher works by flooding Kahoot game sessions with bots or answer questions for you. Once the school Kahoot system detects a bot, Kahoot Smasher bot generator introduces another one featuring a unique IP address or displaying a different location with the help of the virtual servers. All you need to do is enter the needed information. The servers are strong enough to pass any Kahoot security system, so you do not have to worry about that. 

The kahoot Smasher tool uses a simple algorithm that develops fake bots. To flood a gaming session, enter your game pin. The bots will then pick questions and match them against those available on the internet to generate answers. The user interface is simple enough to allow smooth navigation of the users. This tool is accessible to everyone. 

How to use Kahoot Smasher

Kahoot Smasher is a great tool that is also easy to use. If you are having trouble deciding on how to use it, this guide will be helpful. Here is how to use the tool:

  • First, find Kahoot Smasher from the official website. It is on the homepage meaning that you will find it easily
  • Enter the bots name and the number
  • Click on “Spam It” button and allow it to do things easily

The process is that simple. Use the platform to learn new things or ask questions. You can also use it to prank your teachers and fellow students. 

Is Kahoot Smasher extension available?

 Yes, Kahoot Smasher extension is available for Chrome browser. Add the extension to your browser for easier use of the tool. Remember that Kahoot Smasher is not a good way of exploring the educational platform. You could use it in a better way. 

How to use the Kahoot Smasher Chrome extension

To use the Kahoot Smasher Chrome extension, launch your Chrome browser and go to the official Kahoot website. Log in with your Kahoot account by simply entering your login credentials. Next, open Chrome Webstore page. You can do that by typing https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions on the address bar and hitting the enter key. Search option will appear on the left-hand side of your computer screen. Type in Kahoot Smasher and hit your Enter key again. 

The search results will take you to the official website of Kahoot Smasher Extension featuring all the information needed. On the right-hand upper corner, you will see the “Add to Chrome” button. Click on it and wait. Your browser will search for the compatible version and download the extension. The success message will appear on your screen if the installation is successful. 

Now, click on the extension icon situated on the right-hand upper corner and choose Kahoot Smash as your option. A new webpage will appear asking you for the PIN of the Kahoot game you would want the smash with bots. Enter the PIN and hit your Enter button.

That is everything you need to do if you have to use the Kahoot Smash Chrome extension. The tool functions smartly and provides a great experience to people who need to amaze their friends and teachers. New bots will join the game very fast each time you hit your Enter button. Remember to enter the right PIN alone before hitting your Enter button. Clicking on the same icon will stop Kahoot Smasher and control the bots. The tool does not require you to have any special skills. 

Is Kahoot Smasher hacking tool safe?

Kahoot Smasher hacking tool is safe to use because it does not come with hidden detection software to inform your school or college about your work. However, when using it in the classroom, be careful to avoid getting caught. Your teachers can take strict action to punish and prevent others from doing something similar. Again, use it with your friends because the risks are greater and you will have a chance to learn many new things. Do anything you can with the bot but be careful. 


Kahoot Smasher is safe to use but your safety will highly depend on how often you use it in the classroom. After using it, wait for at least 5-6 games to pass before you reuse it. Do not use it when your teachers are serious about the tests. They might detect you and suspend you from school. To have more fun, use it with your friends.

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