How To Become A Videogame Tester With No Experience

If all you want is to learn how to be a video game tester, there’s more to this puzzling career than just restful thumbing through video games. There are many jobs opportunities in the game industry and video game tester career appears to be one of the most exciting jobs of all. Why? Is it simply due to the appeal of getting paid playing video games? Today, many people are looking for thrilling careers where they can work at the comfort of their homes doing what they fancy.

Is your dream for playing games a realistic dream you can hold on? If you are intentional about how to become a game tester and earn a good living, I’ve got some amazing hacks and tricks for you. If you didn’t know, even newbies can break into the game industry and make a living out of it if they just know what it takes to become the best game tester.

What Do Game Testers Do?

Before you embark on how to become a game tester, it is essential you know exactly what game testers do. A game tester is an important part of the game development team. Game testers give support to the team by playing various versions of the game under development while reporting any bugs present.

As a video game tester, here’s a list of tasks for you;

  • Play the version of the game being developed
  • Look for defects such as bugs
  • Figure out how to reproduce the bug
  • Submit the bug report to the game development team
  • Help the programmer of the game to track the bug report on request

As a great game tester, you are required to work closely with the development team, attend meetings and group events as you give your contribution wherever needed.

Become A Video Game Tester In 5 Simple Steps

The basics of becoming a video tester is to first learn what video game testing is all about. When you get to know what game testers do, then you can decide if this is what you want to do for a living. Even if you happen to be the best halo player in your group, this doesn’t qualify you to be the best game tester. There’s more to this fascinating career than you ever imagined.

The next big thing to do is to study the basic skills and language of game testing. If you like it, you may opt to first complete your formal training or education before you embark into the intense video game testers course.

And when you are through with your training as a game tester, it’s time to write a professional game testing resume or CV. Do a good cover letter and dive into job hunting.  Does it end here? No! Start searching for jobs and apply for game tester career openings that match with your salary needs and be sure to settle on one that fits your lifestyle needs and location.

How Can I Get Hired As A Game Tester?

To become a competent game tester, you need to be equipped with a couple of skills. The key skill required is to learn how to find and reproduce bugs (“repro”). You also need to be conversant with writing bug reports and be able to verify if the game development team has fixed these bugs.

Becoming a good communicator, enthusiastic and detail-oriented game tester is a plus in your game testing career. To stand a better chance to land a job as a game tester, it’s important you learn steps to apply for the job, how to get prepared for an interview and what to look at before you accept video game tester jobs offers.

What To Expect When You Become A Game Tester

Like any other career, video game testers get paid. But how much do you think you can earn as a game tester? As a video game tester, you can get paid hourly or stay on an annual salary. There is no standard pay for game testers. The package you get depends on the game company that hires you, the geographical location of the studio, your years of experience as a game tester and more.

Qualifications of becoming a video game tester

The question of which college or degree qualifications needed to become a game tester is one of the frequently asked questions. Surprisingly, most video game companies require no college or degree certifications while hiring game testers.  The best bit about it is if you got a degree, you stand better chances of moving into better paying jobs. You can also be moved to more demanding areas of game development such as programming, art or design. Isn’t this great? Here, you’ll get paid more than just a game tester.

If you don’t hold any college or degree certificate, this shouldn’t weigh you down. Once you get a video game tester job, you can enroll in part-time studies and within no time, you’ll get your degree and get a higher rank in the game studio. Your salary too will get an increase. So, if you failed to advance your studies due to lack of funds, use the money you get as a game tester to go for part-time courses offered near you.

Do You Want To Break Into The Game Testing Industry With A Blast?

If you are positive about becoming one of the most sought-after game testers, you’ve got all what it takes. You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the talent. Nothing can hinder you from making your dreams becoming a game tester and earn a decent living out of it.

All what you need is to be certain that game testing career is the thing for you then focus on getting the right training and dive into the job market with an intention. Just believe in yourself and know you can become the best game tester. To find the best video game tester jobs, you need to write a good resume and find work in major cities known for game development. Join the support network for game testers and purpose to move into a different city to stand better chances of getting hired as a game tester if deemed necessary.

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