How To Uninstall (Remove) Adware Web Companion

Web Companion is a free security tool that usually brings more disadvantages that benefits for your browser. The significance of this application involves are usually undesirable. As it can modify your browser data and even the home page. Luckily for users, it is possible to completely remove this application from your PC in a few simple steps.

What is Web Companion?

This tool belongs to Lavasoft and was designed with the intention of protecting all users who browse the Internet from unwanted constant advertisements, alleged scams, viruses or malicious pages, among others. As of 2014, it was presented to replace the previous Ad Aware Security antivirus.

  • It is very useful for the constant threats that all users face when browsing the web, especially when it is merged with another antivirus.
  • This security product marks pages that are dangerous as a threat & terminate to protect them from suspicion.
  • It is another potential program, not an antivirus, as it is an assistant of these, therefore it is not too necessary for our computer.
  • In many cases its installation goes unnoticed and we cannot see that it is within the operating system.
  • It usually creates records for Windows that are updated with each of the PC restarts. It works with different browsers, especially with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • The operating systems that are most affected by this product are usually Windows 7 and Windows 8, although they are not the only ones.

How to uninstall Web Companion

This virus assistant, as it has been called by many, is not necessary or essential since its characteristics are not usually very functional. Therefore, it should not be installed on the computer if it is not required, in fact in many cases it can become a dangerous product because its extensions are usually old due to lack of investment.

One of the problems of this application is that it can usually hijack browsers and change the different web service providers.

You can view ads that interest the company by exceeding the security that comes from the browser.

Steps to follow for Adware removal

Few are the users able to completely eliminate this tool, to facilitate the procedure follow the following steps:

  • First of all you have to keep in mind that this is a way to remove it manually, it can be carried out through the Control Panel of any Windows.
  • To access the Control Panel, go to Start in the menu, in many operating systems just press the Windows key and take it directly to the indicated place, in others it is necessary to check the Configuration option.
  • You must click on System and then you need to choose Apps and Feature, in the left part of the column.
  • Once the list of options in this category has been displayed, you must find Web Companion and then click on uninstall.
  • You must ensure that it has been uninstalled correctly and that it has disappeared.
  • Then it is necessary to go to the list of programs, once there select all the data that relates to this product.
  • You have to remove them and leave no trace of the registry keys or any other file that belongs to Web Companion.
  • To cancel any registration of this application from the start list you need to proceed to the corresponding files, examples of which are: Installer. Exe, Web Companion. Exe, Web Companion Installer. Exe.
  • Next, it is convenient to delete the folders containing the malicious files on the desktop and then the entries with the values ​​containing the malicious records must be deleted.

How to uninstall web companion windows 8

To uninstall this application from Windows 8 manually you must perform the following steps:

  • To start it is necessary to go to the menu in the lower right.
  • Then you have to select the search option.
  • Then click on Apps.
  • Select Control Panel, once inside you have to uninstall the program and then all those of this type.
  • You must find the Web Companion program, click on the right button and click on the uninstall option.

In a few steps this annoying tool will have been removed from your PC. Remember that there are many more options to do it but you must choose the most appropriate for your operating system.

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