On the Internet there are many programs that optimize our computer by cleaning it and doing different types of maintenance with just one click. As these programs contain those necessary commands and settings to perform its work correctly. However, there are also some programs and applications that do the opposite: […]

Web Companion is a free security tool that usually brings more disadvantages that benefits for your browser. The significance of this application involves are usually undesirable. As it can modify your browser data and even the home page. Luckily for users, it is possible to completely remove this application from […]

The last 2 years the world of information technology has suffered various types of attacks, which have affected thousands of users and organizations, from information hijacking, attacks on public services, governments, information theft, fraud, etc. Taking this into account, the outlook is approaching in 2019 will force Security and network […]

In this blog we will discuss data security measures very frequently and we usually share best practices for secure communications. Strong passwords, data encryption or VPN connection on public Wi-Fi networks are just a few examples of security tips that we have maintained on throughout the years of this online […]