PS4 Pro vs PS4: What’s The Difference And Right For You

Since Sony launched its latest game console. The Ps4 vs PS4 Pro battle begun to involve the gamer world and there are all kinds of debates about it on the web. It is no longer just about comparing it with the Xbox but the pulse is also given inside the Playstation universe. To clarify the condition, we set out to analyze the different characteristics of each and the innovations of the PS4 Pro that take the gaming experience to a higher level.

Before diving into the differences, it is good to know that the new Sony console starts from the same base as the previous one, something that guarantees its quality and an excellent gaming experience. However, it has some differences that are good to consider before choosing which one to buy or define whether it is worth renewing the one we have at home.

Difference between ps4 vs ps4 pro specs

The PS4 Pro is the last console of the giant Sony. This is a more powerful version than the original: it shares the basic points, games, interface and community, but offers some improvements. Let’s look at the specifications of both models to better understand where the improvement happens.


Some basic technical questions that we should know:

  • The original Playstation 4 features an AMD ‘Jaguar’ x86-64 CPU, 8 cores and a high-quality Radeon-based 1.84 TFLOPS MD graphics engine.
  • It is a reliable console, which has 8 GB GDDR5 and has a storage capacity of 500 GB or 1 TB.
  • The input and output consist of two high-speed USB ports (USB 3.1 Gen1) and an auxiliary port.
  • Its power consumption has a maximum of 165 W, which is quite good for a device with these characteristics.

Ps4 Pro

The new model does not come to create a new generation but to take Playstation to a higher level, more in line with the existing market demand. This means that the update is committed to an improvement in graphics and resolution.

The technical specifications of the Ps4 Pro are:

  • The Ps4 Pro has an AMD ‘Jaguar’ x86-64, 8-core CPU, just like the classic console version. But, in the latest version the graphics engine is superior: an AMD of 4.20 TFLOPS based on Radeon.
  • Its memory reaches 8 GB GDDR5 and has a storage capacity of 1 TB.
  • As for the input and output, it has three high-speed USB ports and an auxiliary port.
  • The consumption is higher than the previous version, with a maximum of Max. 310 W.

How are both models different?

As explore the technical specifications, the new console shares the same architecture as the original, but it has some points far superior to the previous one that make it the most powerful of the Sony brand and one of the most important players in the environment.

Graphics: the new version of the console is twice as powerful in terms of graphic processing, so it offers superior game quality.

HDR: The Playstation 4 Pro offers HDR technology, which makes both movies, television and games seem brighter, colorful and true to reality, generating a more plausible immersive experience.

Resolution: The Ps4 Pro offers graphics with resolution up to 4K but, to appreciate it, we need a compatible screen. Therefore, if you already have a 4K television you should seriously consider buying the pro version.

Games: both models share the same catalog of games but, as it has more power, it increases the resolution, the amount of details and effects, and improves the rate of images per second.

Hardware: the new one is bigger and heavier, but this has to do with its power. In addition, it has three USB ports instead of two.

Price: in terms of cost, the new model is more expensive, but not enough to make it inaccessible. We are paying the value of the new features.

Games for Ps4 and Ps4 Pro

Beyond the specificities of each console, the key allow the level of games, which is ultimately interesting. Luckily, being a Ps4 games work in both without problems, but there are some surprises.

As you know the important thing is the content, Sony released a list of 40 titles that adapt perfectly to 4K technology and that look great on the last console.

Among the games announced are some outstanding as The last guardian or Final fantasy XV. But the list of recommendations is broader. Some pearls to take advantage of the most powerful console on the market:

The Last of Us Remastered: it’s probably the best game for HDR. Supports native 4K and looks great.

Horizon Zero Dawn: This is the first game designed specifically for the features of the Playstation 4 Pro. It looks amazing and anyone who has such a console should buy the game.

Resident Evil 7: it is a game that was already excellent but benefits a lot with HDR technology.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: is an increase in assured quality, which makes this game a visual pleasure.

Battlefield 1: one of the best games for the Pro version. It comes with more details of terrain and you can get an improvement in the performance of multi-player games.

Uncharted 4: another game whose value can increase the entertainment experience of our console.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: is a Playstation classic that in the new version shows better graphics, resolution and images.

Mass Effect Andromeda: this game is not as popular as the others but it is worth buying if we have the new console.

FIFA: for football fans this game is a must. In its improved version for Ps4 we can see more details than ever.

Watch Dogs 2: it looks great in 4K and 1080p with its new version. Another figurine worth having.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: It looks amazing since it made improvements to scale to 4K.

If we do not have any console, then buying a Ps4 Pro more convenient than buying the Ps4 considering the games and the benefits. If we already have a 4K TV it is even more logical to opt for this version. However, if we do not have a screen of that quality and we do not plan to buy it, the difference will be difficult to perceive and it may be better to buy the original Ps4.

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