Problems With The Wifi Connection? Here Are Several Solutions!

Today the WiFi connection become very important for our daily life when the network of our house falls or perhaps when there is no WiFi connection to the place where we go.

WiFi problems and solutions

You cannot deny that whenever you go to a family member, friend, shopping center or a bar, one of the first things is you ask for the network password to communicate. Surely it has happened several times that you cannot able to connect network by certain errors. It shows you in the settings, the mobile does not able to connect to the network. So, we are going to show you seven tricks so you can solve the problems with the WiFi connection on your mobile:

Getting IP Address

If you get this message, it is most likely that you have entered the wrong network password, to solve it. You simply have to select the network and forget or delete the password. Then retype the password correctly. If your problem has not been solved, it may be coz of the router or server has given us a fixed IP address and perhaps another device is using it, to do this, disconnect WiFi and turn it on again, if you see that the problem persists turn off the router for a few seconds and reconnect it, with this you will get different address from the router.

Connection saved but does not connect

This problem may occurs when you have typed the password incorrectly, try typing it again correctly. If the problem persists, it may be happen because of the network WEP configuration. Many Android phones do not allow to connect because WEP networks are unsafe. The settings can be modified to configure the router setting for the WPA configuration.

WiFi symbol in gray

To solve this problem you must go to the Wi-Fi settings on the mobile (Settings> Network connections) and press and hold on the network to which we want to connect. There you select ‘Modify network’ and activate the advanced options. In ‘IPv4 Settings’ you have to change the protocol to ‘Static IP’ and make sure that DNS 1 is and DNS 2 is As a last option you can reset your phone’s factory settings.

Connection disabled or bad connection

This problem may appear when it is far from the network and also due to the collapse of the DHCP protocol, which distributes the IP networks to the devices. As in the previous case, you have to go to the ‘IPv4 Settings’. In the ‘IPv4 Address’ section, the number must be changed after the last point to one that is not busy. In ‘Gateway’ and in ‘DNS 1’ you can test with the router IP or

Slow wifi

When the network connection is slow due to access of applications, browse or download, it can be for several reasons: the first because your mobile is making or running applications that consume network resources in the background and slows down the Internet, for the apps: Google Play, Dropbox, Mega, Photos, etc. Though you are not downloading applications or uploading content through these apps. Or, if you have low bandwidth of speed, you will be quite slow. If you have same of those applications, you can cancel the task and stop.

Another common reason of low WiFi signal cause if the router is too far away and the network do not cover the area. For this the most basic option is to approach the WiFi router as much as possible or you can also buy a signal repeater. So that it will cover or reach to the far distance.

It does not connect to our WiFi network

Many times it can happen because the signal is collapsed. The solution is to change the frequency of our WiFi router to a different band and that it is not collapsed. It can also work by restarting the router or the device we want to connect.

Does not detect the WiFi network

If you cannot find the network from the settings, then you have to try another network. If you can connect different network, it may happen that it is a flaw of the router antenna or the mobile itself. As it does not connect your network. To solve it you have to alternate the product regarding warranty or have some technical service.

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