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Any music lover will spend a lot of time each day listening to new music tracks. If you are among them, you might already know that buying MP3 music from online platforms such as iTunes or the other places will cost you many dollars. In addition to the various types of music, you might need to download albums to your music player. Unfortunately, most of the music websites do not offer pre-purchase hearing options. Again, most people prefer downloading music tracks at no cost. 

MP3Juice site, also known as MP3 Juice cc, Juice MP3 or mp3juices, is among the widely known sources of free MP3 tracks (music juice) on the internet. The music platform supports music keywords search and you can use it to convert music from YouTube into MP3 by simply searching the URLs on its search engine. MP3 Juice is among the easiest sites to use. Here is how to use mp3juices site. 

How to use MP3 Juice Download

To download music on MP3 Juice, you need to type in the keyword of the tracks you are searching. For example, if you are searching for a song known as “Hello”, you need to type in the name “Hello” in the search box and wait for the results to pop up. Choose the track you need from the list to complete the download. Alternatively, paste a YouTube URL to search for exact music tracks. But before downloading any music track, you need to click on the play button to be sure that it is what you need. 

With MP3 Juice, you can download as many MP3 music tracks as you want, but you have the option of downloading MP4 videos from YouTube. Paste the YouTube URL or search for keywords to get the music you want and select the MP4 button to complete your download. 

The MP3 Juice search engine

MP3 Juice is widely known for its powerful search engine, which is also very fast. You can enter any keyword on the search engine to search for the music tracks you want. Even more, you can rely on the YouTube video URL option to get the music tracks faster. The biggest benefit of MP3 music is that you can listen to it at any place.

MP3 Juice allows the download of tracks from SoundCloud, Archive, YouTube, Jamendo, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Audiomack and many other websites. After inserting the URL in the search engine, the results will pop up within a few seconds in the downloader. When searching for an album, paste its URL and every song in the album will appear in the results. So, there is no need for pasting each URL individually when using the search engine for mp3juice download . 

Is MP3 Juice Downloader compatible with mobile devices?

You now know how to download MP3 music through MP3 Juice Downloader. But possibly, you did not know that MP3 Juice offers an app to allow download through iPhone, tablets and Android phones. If you do not like the idea of installing apps on your device, you can also use the mobile web browser to complete the MP3juice download. Remember that Safari browser does not support downloads and you need browsers like Chrome, UC browser, or Documents by Raddle to download on your iPhone. 

Alternatives sites like mp3juices


Beemp3 is among the most popular MP3 music downloads providers. Actually, you can download millions of MP3 tracks from the platform at no cost. Each day, people upload nearly 10,000 audio files, meaning that you will always get something new to listen to. But due to copyright laws, some of the music tracks go missing a short time after the upload.


More like BeeMP3, MP3Skull is a popular MP3 music source. It offers a very large songs database and you will have the option to download the top English albums, English music and the top 100 songs. Unlike MP3Juices, this site does not have a good user interface. The developers only work to ensure that the users can download MP3 tracks on their local computers within a short time. Before downloading a song, you can check the preview to be sure it is what you need. 


Perhaps, it is the first time you are coming across Myfreemp3 site. The website is not as popular as mp3juices site or MP3Skull but it is an effective tool to use when downloading free MP3 tracks. The website is simple and only comes with important functions, in addition to announcements. Do not worry about the boring ads because they will not affect your music preview session or download. If they are bothersome, the website allows you to delete them.


MP3Clan is more an MP3 player app to use on your mobile device. The app displays all the popular tracks and MVs on its interface. Moreover, it allows users to search for tracks depending on their desired type such as Country, Rock, Dance, Blues, Electro, Jazz and Pop. After you have found what you need, click on it for the streaming to start. But after clicking, a new window will direct you to announcements. Close the windows for the music to play. That means the streaming might not be easy as it is with other players.

Jamendo Music

When searching for indie music or the newest music tracks, Jamendo Music might be worth trying. The website boasts an elegant and clean interface to offer great visual experience. The site is more like a music sharing platform and you will not find any advertisements. Each time you open the website without a track to listen to in mind; you will have the chance of trying the tracks on the homepage. More like listening to tracks on SoundCloud, you can listen to as many tracks on the website as possible. After listening to tracks, you can download them to your computer for later listening.


After entering Loudtronix website, you will realize that it provides a cool interface to allow fast downloading of MP3 tracks. The primary colours of this website like mp3Juices site are red, black and white, something that gives you great visual effects. You can search specific songs for download or paste YouTube video URL for faster download. Even more, it offers a wonderful network interaction function to allow sharing tracks with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.


MP3Juice is a popular music sites like mp3juices download. It supports many MP3 tracks sources such as YouTube and SoundCloud. To download from YouTube, you just need to copy the track URL and paste it on the mp3Juices search engine. If MP3Juice is not close to what you need, you can try one of the alternative sites.

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