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If you love music, you must look for sites where you can download the music for free. Coming across the best sites is an uphill task. This post is for you if you are looking for the best music sites. Mp3boo is one of the best sites, and well known by music fans. However, for some reason, you may not be willing to use mp3boo music download website to enjoy music. The good news is you can still enjoy music in other music websites. The sites have similar features but with slight differences from each other. While the sites listed here are the best, you need to test the different sites yourself and make the decision.

It is therapeutic to sit and listen to good music. Most of the platforms where people source music is expensive. However, there are still free sites where music fans can access good music. The sites are secure to use. Coming across those free sites is difficult. But, here I am making your work easy. I give you a list of such websites. From any of the sites, you can download music or stream it online.

MP3boo Alternative Reviews

With the internet, many people prefer to download or stream music online. This trend has led to the popularity of music sites like MP3boo. Mp3boo com has been running down by day. Music fans are looking for suitable sites like MP3boo, where they can access high quality music for free.

Mp3boo is a free music site where you can download full music without paying. In the past, this was the best music site, and it was prevalent. Many people used the site to access and download music.

Many other music sites have come in recently. Today you can get Mp3 boo alternatives which are even far much better. If you have a problem accessing mp3boo, then we have compiled a list of alternatives.

Mp3boo Alternatives Site

The following are some of the other options for mp3boo music download;


If you like to access legal music content, then Jamendo is the site you need to visit. Notably, you have to pay subscription fee since the site is not entirely free. However, there is a free version where you can download music. Here, the music list is limited to only eight languages.

The site has a payment plan which you should choose. With the paid plan, your access hinders of thousands of music tracks. All the songs are of high quality.

This platform can be opened on Android, iOS, and windows.

The site is more popular than mp3boo.


Loudtronix provides users with music video sourced from YouTube. If you are looking for the best experience, use the google chrome browser. On the browser, add the extension to enable you to download any YouTube music video as an MP3. It is easy and first since with a single click, you get the song you want.


This is a free music website where you can download music albums. You search the album by specifying the music genre. From the genre list, you select the collection you would like to download. Under each album, you can see the list of songs. 


InstaMP3 is one of the leading MP3boo alternatives.

On this site, you search for music either by sailing the singer or the music group you are interested in.

Also, then site displays the searches by other users which can. Be a hint to the music you would like. The site will offer you a long list of songs in the music group you are searching for.


This is easy to use the site. The site an appealing design with everything categorized and arranged systematically.

Once you click on the album you are interested in, you get the song tracks with download links.

It’s fast to download songs using this platform.

Mp3boo offers its users a vast list of music available for streaming or downloading. On this site, you will get all kinds of music.

The vast database should not scare you when you think of searching for a specific song. The site had filters that make the searching easy, fast, and enjoyable.

MP3boo music download site does not require any sign-up. You don’t have to register to use it.


This is a great music site where you can search, stream, and download good music for free. You will find unlimited genres of music using this tool.

The steps to use this site are straightforward. You can. Use leads like the year of release, title, or the name of the artist.

To use this site, you don’t need registration. Music lovers access high quality music on this platform without providing any personal information. It’s a secure site to access from anywhere. Also, your device is safe from viruses

Notably, you can create a playlist and add your preferred song tracks there. It’s a good site where you can get the latest records.

The site is accessible on both android and iOS devices.

Free Music Archive

This website is famous for its vast music database. It’s a great music downloader. The music is available for free.

WFMU, an American radio station, manage free music archive. The site is easy to use and allows people to access good music for free.

Mostly, the songs listed here are available in all languages making the site accessible across the globe. The site can be opened on android iOS systems making it convenient.


Mp3juice is an equally great alternative site to mp3boo. The site allows users to access music from YouTube. On the search box, you can search for the artist or the song. You can play songs or download the songs to listen to them later. You can save the downloaded songs to your computer or Dropbox.  

Above are the popular mp3boo alternative websites. The sites are top trending and the best options to mp3boo.

On any of the above sites, you can access hundreds of songs.

All the sites offer music tracks for streaming and downloading.  Some of the sites have premium options where you subscribe for more features. The information in this post is crucial since it’s an eye-opener you don’t have limit yourself mp3boo. There are many other sites you can explore and enjoy.

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