Tips To Improve The RAM Of Your PC

Certainly we use our computer most times, as a result we may face a bit slow to perform certain actions and we rarely know the reason for this.

Possibly our RAM is presenting faults or does not have the capacity to support all the work that we trust to our PC. For this there are a couple of tricks that we can use to improve this problem.

Tips to improve the PC RAM

If you still do not know what the RAM is and what functions it performs in your PC, we can briefly explain here. The RAM is responsible for storing the instructions executed by the central processing unit.

Every time we are running a program or command that is working, the more programs we have open at the same time, the more RAM works and therefore becomes slower.

But we can change this scenario with a couple of tricks, so that our RAM works at full capacity without slowing down our computer. Finally you get an idea how to increase ram in pc without buying.

Unnecessary applications

Many times we download a verities type of applications or programs on our computer & finally install them. As we plan that once a day we would use them. But this false activities puts our RAM to do more unnecessary work. That make our PC slow.

That is why if you want your PC fast, uninstall all those applications or programs that you do not have in use for long time.

Keep desktop clean

In contrast many believe, having the computer desktop full of icons and shortcuts slows down the computer. While it is an option to have everything at hand without having to start/open documents or internal folders.

Each time your PC turns on, just loading all the existing items on the desktop which consumes RAM performances. The process takes away capacity from other activities that really unnecessary.

Applications in the background

You may have opened an application just a moment to perform an action and have closed it again, but have you notice the PC somewhat slow and not notify. But have you ever think if the previous application really stopped working?

There are programs or applications that after “closed” keep operating in the background, which consumes RAM and slows down everything. If you want to make sure you really closed check it in the task manager.

Zero virus

It is advisable to check your computer every so often to check out of its slowness. Whether it is effected by the product of a virus or malware or not. Since there are some virus that are breated for this function.

More space on the hard disk

Usually the hard drive stores unnecessary data, which slows down the computer. So it is advisable to eliminate this data to give more space to things that do matter.

Other RAM

Each computer comes with a built-in RAM memory by default, but this can be changeable. We can modify the RAM directly as per our requirements. If we acquire one with more GB, way we can have a powerful PC RAM without worrying about the performance.

This may be the last or first option to avoid slowness of your PC. Off course everything depends on the situation, if you have decided to change it, and you can do it.

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