How to Make a Video Better Quality: 5 Simple Tips

Do you like to take videos to record life’s important events? Do you like to share your videos on your social media platforms? In 2016, 73% of online users were watching video content.

Making great video content is easier than you might imagine. Want to learn how to make a video better quality so your videos pop when you show them?

Read on for five easy tips to consider when shooting video content.

1. Have a Plan and Know Your Equipment

Sure it is easy to grab your camera and phone for those impromptu moments you want to capture. If you want quality video content though, you want to have a bit of a plan before you begin shooting.

Know what your goal is for the video content you want to shoot. Understand your intended audience. If you know these things, then you can better plan to get quality videos to meet those goals.

It is also helpful to know your equipment. Whether you are shooting video content with the best video camera or your phone, knowing the features it offers will help you get better quality video.

2. Pay Attention to Light

Whether you are making a YouTube video, homemade video or professional-quality video, lighting is everything. Good lighting can make or break the quality of the video content.

Here are some best times to shoot video:

  • An hour after sunrise
  • An hour before sunset
  • On a cloudy day
  • Indoors with natural light

Bright sunlight makes shadows that don’t lend themselves to quality video content.

3. Sound and Video Text

While some people might be willing to watch a less than perfect quality piece of footage, bad audio is just bad. Invest in a quality microphone to capture the audio that goes with the video. Keep the microphone close to the subject you’re recording.

Background noise can be a real distraction. Pay attention to sounds that may get picked up as you’re recording.

Another great way to up the impact of your video is to add text on video content. Video editing software not only allows you to edit video but you can also add features like text overlay on the video content.

4. How to Shoot

Nothing reduces quality and makes a video unwatchable more quickly than badly shot camera work. Be careful to avoid the shaky camera that creates bumpy and distracting video content.

Consider shooting from a variety of angles to capture your content with an interesting point of view.

Pay attention to what is the background of the content you are shooting. You don’t want features in the background that become more noticeable than the actual content you are intending to shoot.

5. Composition Matters

Professional video content takes note of the composition on the screen. There are several things to consider when looking through the lens to shoot your content.

Consider the rule of thirds. If possible shoot video with a grid overlay. This allows you to make sure the focus of your video content is where your intersecting grid lines meet instead of the center of the screen.

If you are shooting full body shots, make sure the head of the person in the video is close to the top of the shot. If you are capturing a close up, you actually want to cut out part of the top of their head so it doesn’t appear their head is floating in the middle of the video shot.

Tips for How to Make a Video Better Quality

These tips should show you how to make a video better quality. Whether you want professional videos or great home videos, using these tips will improve the quality of your video content.

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