Everything You Need To Know To Get An Instagram Access Token

In this digital dispensation of social media, many social media platforms keep mushrooming by the day. People today seldom use mainstream mail services. Even those that seemed to be new-age such as electronic mail services are gradually losing relevance. It’s because most internet users are turning to social media platforms such as Instagram and the likes. Instagram is an online video, photo, and social networking platform just like the proverbial Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more.

Consumers these days tend to judge an organization’s credibility based on their presence on social media platforms. However, the question begs, which platform is truly worth an enterprise’s time and effort? A credible social media platform like Instagram makes a business enjoy most of its benefits. The benefits of this platform are far and wide.  For instance, it has the most engaged audience than most platforms. It welcomes creativity, offer ads and stories, and provides useful analytics.

Instagram Client Key

This is an encrypted key which developers of Instagram center generate using  an Instagram account. The client id used by application software is installed on one’s mobile devices of sites. The client id used through various applications, plugins, software extensions authenticate application request on the Instagram server. The app uses the client id to acquire your details on your Instagram account, such as account information, video, and photos. When an application sends a request to the Instagram server, the server now authorizes the client id then starts sending the requested information to the app installed on the website.

Steps to Acquiring Instagram Client key

One needs an Instagram profile to acquire the client id. In case you do not have one, then you need to sign up for an account on Instagram through their main website. Here are four main steps on how to get an Instagram client id. Therefore, follow these steps.

In essence, this is what we mean in the following guide with photos.

  1. If you don’t log in Instagram, open the link above in bullet one above
How to get an instagram access token
  • Log into your newly signed up Instagram account with the information which you provided while signing up
how to get an instagram access token
  • Now fill in the developer signup as shown below. This is needed as you will be implementing the special tool on your website, so you will need to sign up as a developer. Ones you log in you will get access to the next window.
how to get an instagram access token

Ensure you check all the fields in here. These are the URL to your website, phone number, and a short description of what you intend to build with the API. The Instagram Documentation then appears after successfully filling in the fields. You will then see the greetings as well as the overview below.

how to get an instagram access token

Proceed to register your application as a developer by clicking on the above-marked link. You will be notified that currently you do not have any apps and then you will be given an option to create a new application.

  • Now proceed to authorize your new app and client in the next page with more areas to fill.
How to Get an Instagram Client Id

Here, you must fill in the application name, which is an appropriate name that fits the Instagram requirement. Next, write a short description and input your website URL. Repeat this on the Validate redirect URLs slot. Then input your contact email before confirming your information for the final result. When you are through, you will get your new Instagram client id as well as client secret.

It is important to note that if your website has to work with square photos, you will be required to turn the non-square media option on. Make edits on your client, to find the ‘‘Migrations’’ section. Also, do not forget to click on the ‘’Update Plugin’’.

How to Get an Instagram Client Id
How to Get an Instagram Client Id

Bits of Advice on client id usage

Every Instagram key has a limit of up to 5000 requests. If you have a few small sites with a limited number of audience, you can have just one key for all these small websites. Nonetheless, in plugins like InstaShow, use individual client id for each site as you will be guaranteed a smooth operation of the Instagram feeds.

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