Honor 8X Review: Consider To Have Honor 8x Smartphone

Huawei has positioned itself in the top 5 of the best manufacturers. This has been achieved by its great sales strategy at the international level where the king is doing in the mid-range. Its high quality device, technical features and price are a great attraction for users. Without forgetting that they also offer extremely attractive designs for young users.

The Honor 8x device presented no more than two months ago, which has positioned itself as one of the best in the Honor division. This has greatly improved its camera function and other technical features like AI. That make the aspiration of millions who looking for a mid-range phone with excellent price-quality ratio.

High quality screen

The Honor 8X smartphone is large with impressive features. This mobile has a 6.5-inch FullHD with split screen mode. Even more spectacular because it has a 19: 5: 9 format. Which puts it at the top of the screen quality. Its size increased by four millimeters with respect to its ancestor. The difference has been seen in the reduction to 4.25mm in its lower edge. You can see all your content with impressive quality, without losing any detail.

Excellent performance

Another ultimate part of this Android smartphone is that the Kirin 710 processor, which built with artificial intelligence. In this case, the processor has already been seen in the Huawei P Smart +. In this mobile there are features that enhance its performance. It has 4 and 6 GB versions of RAM. It is simply sensational.

Considered as a flagship killer

There are smartphones that can easily offer such extraordinary performance that makes overlooking of high-end device. That is the same case for the Honor 8X which is considered a quite powerful smartphone with its features. Even it is to be considered that the mid-range is not the proper classification. In this you can enjoy excellent videos, listen to music, play, and watch movies, among much more.

Complete connectivity

Among the technical all of technical feature the dual SIM is significant one. Which allows users to have two phone numbers in a single smartphone. Ideal for those who want to separate the work from the personal. Likewise it is a device that has a rear fingerprint reader and Bluetooth 5.0, being its most outstanding features.

20 megapixel dual camera

Now it is the time of photography, this device could not be left behind the capture. That’s why it has a sensor of 20 megapixel in the back and a secondary 2 megapixel. It has LED Flash, portrait mode and even identification 500 scenes. It offers the possibility of recording in super slow motion of 480 fps and its front camera is 16 megapixel with beauty mode, aperture f / 2.0 and pixel binning 4 in 1.

Super economic

It is a quite accessible phone, since it the basic version honor 8x price of 4/64 GB is 179 euros. The version of 6/128 GB has a cost is 226 euros.

No doubt the Honor 8X is one of the most attractive mid-range phones that exist today by our honor 8x review. Therefore one of the most popular phones of the Chinese brand.

One of the reasons why this Honor 8X is so popular, is that already built in Android 9 Pie operating system, which makes its use much more attractive.

Here is some facts & question that help to avoid any confusion!

This smartphone is imported from the Chinese market.

Q: What does this mean?

A: This device will come with pre-installed applications that are designed for the local market. You can choose to disable these applications through the configuration of your device.

Q: Will the device only be in Chinese?

A: No. This device officially supports other languages ​​besides Chinese.

Q: Does it come with Google Play Store?

A: Smartphones with Chinese variants do not come with Google Play Store pre-installed. Users must download Google Play Store and Google Services separately.

Q: Can I use this device in my country?

A: This device is totally unlocked. However, check the frequency bands of your local cell phone to make sure that this model is compatible with local networks.