Best Free Simple Youtube To Mp3 Converter Online Which You Can Try

Today, the internet offers many content streaming sites. But even though many more are being born each day, YouTube has remained the most preferred option for content streamers. Most people connect to the site when searching for high-quality music and other types of video content. YouTube might also be the second-largest search engine after Google. 

On YouTube, you will find all types of content, in different languages and from all countries. That does not mean that it lacks flaws. The site does not have any built-in video-to-MP3 converter. For that reason, the users rely on third-party converters to download music in MP3 version. The third part downloaders are not effective because they will not download or covert the videos that YouTube has protected. So, you will have to look for the videos that are within the Creative Commons license if you must download. 

Keep in mind that most video-to-MP3 converters come and go because they illegally download the content. To deal with them, YouTube is allowing download of videos from the site – but not in MP3 version. The downloaders are many but not all of them will work. Again, most of them are full of advertisements. To help you choose the best free simple YouTube to MP3 converter,

We have come up with a list of the top tools on the internet today. Here is the list of Free Simple Youtube To Mp3 Converter. 

YTMP3 Video Converter

YTMP3 Video Converter might be the best free YouTube to MP3 converter on the internet today. Even though it is free to use, the converter offers high-quality music in MP3 format. On the homepage, you will not find any intrusive advertisements. To start the conversion of YouTube videos, copy the URL of your YouTube video and paste it on the search bar of YTMP3 Video Converter. Click on the convert button and wait for the conversion to end. 

Apart from downloading music in MP3 format, YTMP3 Converter allows download in MP4 version too. So, before clicking on the download button, you will need to select the format you need. If you need complicated features, you will have to try one of the other video-to-MP3 downloaders in this list. YTMP3 can only convert one track at a time.


Audacity is more like Adobe audition. The audio editor is free to use and unlike Adobe audition, it provides many helpful features. At first, this download tool might be stressful, but after you are used to it the process of downloading music from YouTube will be simple. To download music, open the app and click on the record button. Play the YouTube video in a separate tab and stop the recording. Search for the export option on the Audacity File menu and select the format. Click on save. Audacity will provide you with many MP3 customization options. Choose one matching your needs. The developers target people looking for YouTube MP3 files in the 320 Kbps format.

4K Downloader

4K Downloader is the other great tool to use when converting YouTube content to MP3. It is a great MP3 converter to use for offline audio files extraction. The developers included many features to allow download of 4K videos. The user interface is simple and it does not contain any adverts something that makes it a great YouTube to MP3 converter for offline use. 

To start the video-to-MP3 conversion process, switch on the smart mode. It will help you extract MP3 files from the YouTube videos you select with a single click. You can upgrade the converter to the premium version by paying $15. After the upgrade, you can convert a whole YouTube playlist and download the MP3 files easily.


YouTube-dl rarely misses in lists of the best free YouTube-to-MP3 downloaders. Unfortunately, the tool is hard to configure especially for people without any coding knowledge. The tool from Github requires you to have some basic coding knowledge if you want your downloads to be successful. However, when it comes to downloading YouTube videos, the process is straightforward. You can download a whole channel at once. Placement of orders is easy but the installation of this program on your computer might be complicated. 

Online Video Converter

If none of the above tools appeals to you, this might be a good choice. Online Video Converter is among the few converter tools offering various bitrate options. Besides, it boasts a simple user interface along with many options for YouTube videos downloading. After clicking on the offered download button, the contextual tab will popup. In addition to that, the YouTube to MP3 converter does not disturb users with polished adverts during the download process.


ListentoYouTube is among the outstanding free online converters that make the conversion of YouTube videos to MP3 elementary. The user interface is straightforward and the navigation steps are easy to follow. The download procedure includes pasting of the URL codes of the YouTube videos you want to download in the offered search box and clicking on the “GO” button. Thereafter, click on the “Download” button to save the MP3 file on your computer device. 

YouTube MP3 Converter

YouTube MP3 Converter is among the highly sought YouTube-to-MP3 converters due to the high quality of files it provides. The entire video-to-MP3 conversion process is simplified and you can complete it without any hurdles, thanks to its user-friendly interface that does not require any expertise. To convert a video, copy the URL from YouTube and paste it on the offered search box. Click on Download and wait for the file conversion to end. Click one of the download links to fetch your file. The tool allows you to check the size and duration of the converted MP3 file.


YTBmp3 is another powerful free simple youtube to mp3 converter that has garnered many users from all parts of the world. The free to use tool supports many devices including MacOS, Windows, Linux and Android. Its download interface is simplified and the conversion speed is high. As a user, you can download an entire playlist without having to repeat the process severally. You can search for videos directly from the online converter or paste the video URL on the search bar for the conversion to start.


If you just want to listen to music, YouTube provides a good app that you can use to stream music videos. The app runs on Android, iOS and iPadOS but if you need MP3 tracks, you will have to use one of the above free simple youtube to mp3 converter and downloaders. After downloading the music, you will not need to return to YouTube to listen to them. Use the music player on your device to play them.

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