The Best Deep Web Search Engines You Won’t Find on Google

Searching for data on the Deep Web is an endless challenge due to its natural volatility. In the normal network there are very stable and well-documented links, but once you enter the Deep Web, there are no guarantees. The searches are mainly exploration sessions full of strange descriptions and loading errors. Therefore, talking about the best search engines on the Deep Web is not so simple. Still, in All Web Solutions we are willing to make the attempt and spend a little clean the available options.

Very well … you have decided to enter the Deep Web. We expect that you have installed the Tor Browser and you already adjusted your browsing habits. Each click on an .onion link is equivalent to throwing the dice and generally, the darker the site, the less likely it is to work or what you are looking for. Did you find anything interesting? Then keep that material well, because it is possible that tomorrow it disappears, or that is replaced by a completely different one. In fact, that the Deep Web is as full of garbage as the clearnet. The priority of every visitor is to separate the straw from the wheat, and the best search engines on the Deep Web will help you do that … up to a point. Now, where to we start?

Dark Web Search Engine (that work)

1. The Hidden Wiki

Obviously by the Hidden Wiki. From a technical point of view it is not a search engine (…), but its role as an updated link index, that is very useful. Of course, in the financial and commercial services sections they try to sell you everything (from fake driver’s licenses to prepaid cards). However, we are interested in the “introduction points” space. That’s where functional search engines usually appear. At the top of the pyramid, we find three.

2. Torch

One of the oldest search engines, and probably the largest in the entire Deep Web. Torch is supposed to have indexed more than one million sites (a piece of information that is impossible to verify), but it will always have a result for you. Now, is it the right result? It depends on the material you need. If it’s something you could locate without difficulty on the clearnet, Torch will disappoint you. For the rest … let’s say it works well, although you can’t do anything about the status of each link.

3. Ahmia

One of the first things that calls attention to Ahmia for its appearance. It looks much better than the average Deep Web site. That presents some links with technical data, including its blacklist system (the most controversial hidden services are censored). Another positive aspect is its speed. Ahmia loads in time and form, without taking too long with the results. Finally, it also works on clearnet, outside the Tor Browser.

4. Not Evil

Every time you open Not Evil, the search engine will “give you” an image. On my first attempt, she was a naked woman with huge breasts. In the second, a photo of Nasim Aghdam, the youtuber who shot three people and killed himself in YouTube offices. Like Ahmia, Not Evil censures the heavy content of the Deep Web, but the number of results is broader. Of course, that doesn’t make them “better.” Going beyond the first page is mandatory. Yes, these are the best search engines of the Deep Web. No, they are not up to the traditional engines. But consider the potential! An indeterminate number of fundamental wonders and horrors await you at a click away. The animated GIF of a small Pony abandoned half a decade ago, a dubious quality tutorial to make gunpowder, the magic solution to all your economic problems … and broken links. Many, many, many broken links.

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