Top Cyber Security Trends We Should Look Out In 2019

The last 2 years the world of information technology has suffered various types of attacks, which have affected thousands of users and organizations, from information hijacking, attacks on public services, governments, information theft, fraud, etc.

Taking this into account, the outlook is approaching in 2019 will force Security and network administrators to reinforce and improve their cyber security strategies, to protect the companies most important information and their infrastructure.

Here we present our predictions for cyber security trends in 2019:


Recently the mining of cryptocurrencies booming in a pace, as they are preferred currency we seen ransoms for computer hijacking and encrypted information by cybercriminals. It’s easy to process, maintain and implementation on websites in order to take advantage of the resources of visitors, cryptojacking is here to stay.

Attacks on IoT:

The development of this type of devices allowed us to have smart homes with greater comfort and opportunity, allowing us to control the lighting of homes, make purchases from our refrigerator to supply our pantry, digital assistants that orchestrate all these devices.

There are still few security mechanisms to protect these devices, so they will become the next targets of attack.

Machine Learning in cyber-attacks:

Artificial intelligence has a significant investment which could exceed $ 52,000 million. The criminals have gradually developed various algorithms to create much more sophisticated attacks, a well-known case was the DeepLocker malware.

While Machine Learning helps us protect ourselves from new and sophisticated threats, it is also used against us.

Security in Cloud Computing:

The trend of the use of Cloud Computing has driven cybersecurity companies to develop different mechanisms and tools. That help cloud administrators to provide better protection for the millions of users. Also for companies that make use of infrastructure and software as a service in the Cloud. As it has also been the target of attacks of various types.

Statistics shows us that 8 out of 10 companies worldwide under a cloud service.

Fileless Attack:

The 35% of the attacks in 2018 is part of this type of attacks. This malicious software infects directly into the computer’s RAM. So it has great option to apply in a systems of companies that maintain 24×7 operations. Where the operation would generate large losses. This year it could become part of 50% of malware attacks.

Threats to critical infrastructures:

The impact barrier of cyber-attacks from the digital world has been transferred to the physical world. Since critical infrastructure services such as electricity, water supply, gas, transportation, etc. have become an extremely tentative target for cybercriminals

Phishing and ransomware:

Highly profitable cybercrime, of course they will be present in this 2019 too, lately various scams and emails with false news deceive the user and infect their systems with malware such as ransomware, which hijacks the information leaving computer equipment unusable.

Mobile malware:

BYOD is a topic that we will see constantly during 2019. Since several of organizations already infected through employees’ personal mobile devices. That allow the malware to spread by having access to the internal resources of the company, which is a great challenge to provide solutions to protect and isolate compromised devices.

Although the cyber security future trends of 2019 scenario sounds challenging, it must aware us to wake up and seek to reinforce, implement and organize. Lean on security experts and jointly create security strategies that meet the needs of any company.

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