We are looking for passionate blog writers

If you are passionate about tech writing then All Web Solutions right place that accept guest posts. We encourage only pure tech content and topics that are completely or partially never published elsewhere around the internet. You will be responsible for researching story leads and writing, fact-checking, copy-editing and reviewing editorial submissions and correspondence. We don’t like spam content, so don’t even try to think of it.

We try hard to publish the informative tech articles and posts as soon as possible. Once it’s live, we work hard to increase its reputation and performance. You may also blowout the essence of your post by promoting it on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or any other social media or website.

Always consider to the category of our blogs and with proper title and keywords failing which can lead to post removal or credits removal.

This opportunity is solely unpaid. If you’re looking to build your portfolio, this is the perfect opportunity! Paid opportunities could be offered as the platform expands.

Your Responsibilities

  • Conduct research on topics that impact businesses, knowledge, sharable etc. and suggest story and interview topics related latest tech innovation.
  • Create innovative, solution-oriented stories.
  • Informative content having no errors. Promotional articles will not be published.No restricted content.
  • It is your responsibility to reply to the readers’ comments frequently so that they could see you as a part of the article.

What you need

  • Exceptional writing and editing skills, sharp analytical skills, meticulous attention to detail and factual accuracy.
  • Have deep knowledge on tech keyword with moderate search volume.
  • Social Profile with WordPress and social media platforms: twitter/facebook/linkedin.

Blog Post Specifications:

  • The article should contain minimum 800 words and a maximum of 1000 words but for a post to be adequate at such a short length, it should include significant video, photo, infographic or other visual assets as well.
  • Please provide the SEO description, keywords and title for the tech tips article so that we can promote your article in a better way. (Don’t copy it from your article itself).
  • The editing team reserves the right to add/remove text or hyperlinks to articles anytime.
  • Backlinks (No-follow Link without any fees) are permitted but content that is overly promotional will not be accepted.

Topics we like to feature:

  • You can write your ideas on any of the following topics, such as, Tech, Tricks, Android, how to, tips and techniques but avoiding SEO, Digital Marketing, CMS, Social Media, Blogging, freelancer, Make money online, gambling, casino or other else
  • Below mentioned is a list of articles on which you can write besides the topics mentioned below
  1. Computers
  2. Tech
  3. Tricks
  4. Software
  5. Smart Phones
  6. Modern or latest Gadgets Reviews
  7. Applications Reviews
  8. Virtual Reality
  9. Operating Systems
  10. Cyber Security
  11. Cryptocurrency
  12. etc

What will you achieve in return?

You will be having your separate author page when you will become a regular contributor. You will be allowed to include your social media links, biography, website, and many more. Not only this, you can enhance your corporate branding for your customers and moreover, achieve thought leadership. Besides all this, you’ll be getting some common advantages –

  • Your work will be adequately observed, and you will obtain appropriate feedback.
  • Moreover, you are allowed to include a short form of BIO at the end of your post.
  • Your site may get a do-follow backlink.
  • You can create your good image with engrossing writings.
  • Try to make your recognition among other writers and surely, they will become well-known with your writing expertise.