Basic Criteria To Select The Right Cloud Storage And Backup Service Provider

The IT security of any corporate project is in danger if it does not have strong support in the cloud. Small and medium-sized businesses should know the facts: those who use cloud backup grow up to 20% faster than those who do not use a backup of their data, according to a study by consultancy Deloitte.

Against this background how to know which cloud backup provider gives the most right service? Here are some keys to identify it.

How to get your choice of right cloud backup provider

Before choosing the provider, you must be sure what files and data truly require backup or store. It is usually the most useful information to satisfy the users.

Once the data with the highest backup priority is specified, it is time to identify how to choose a provider that guarantees reliable backup of your corporate data.

1. IT Security

As well as the companies that store their files in the cloud, seek high-security standards to protect their digital information.

No company wants to store their data in the vulnerable cloud to viruses, theft, loss or damage to the system. Therefore, to increase the security, it is necessary to ask the customer support how your information will protect in their cloud.

2. Cost of the service, including latent costs

In this aspect evaluate backup provider’s global and detailed cost of the service. Typically, providers offer cheap plans for every gigabyte of storage.

But it is also true that providers charge latent costs to the invoice, which include data storage, the frequency of access to the cloud and even types of corporate key cryptography to access sensitive levels of information.

3. Verifiable history

Even if you receive surprising and less expensive offers from cloud backup providers, it is always advisable to choose a provider with a verifiable history and recommended by other companies in the sector. In this way, you can get better idea know well.

4. Your bandwidth and that of the provider

This is an important point. It is essential to ensure that the provider has the appropriate bandwidth, it is equally or more important to evaluate if we have enough bandwidth to back up the company’s files, without affecting other linked operational processes with cloud storage.

5. Support for technical support

A backup in the cloud of your business data requires technical support available and efficient. You must make sure that. For example, the provider guarantees you support 24 hours a day and at any time of the year.

Also, the speed and strength of the technical support to solve an unforeseen of your company are essential when choosing a reliable provider.

The critical importance of your web backups

The systems that make the web function are complex, and not everything goes as planned. Now the all kinds of computer threats endanger to the existence, availability, and security of your website and the users who visit it. Some of the most important reasons for implementing a reliable backup system include:

Fault tolerance:

Your website must be available for when visitors request it. The nature of your website and the type of business you run will be the factors that determine the tolerance to the lack of availability.

A frequent backup works as a previous restore point, where it is not always possible to quickly correct the present error, and the best solution is to return to a previous state to ensure the availability of the site as soon as possible.


A backup system for your website is a more than the secure option to improve the reliability of the website. In case of failures, the option of providing an immediate substitute gives your business a higher level of significance, where the provision of the services and information is promised.

This is a truly important concept in the web world, as present tends to be a more complex and susceptible to technical flaws.

Tolerance to change:

In this sense, it can be seen that the margin for making changes is wider. The website can benefit from numerous new features and improvements that can be implemented immediately. The security that gives you the fact of being able to reverse any of the changes is relevant for when you rely on a model of continuous improvement and want to try the latest for your website.

It is also important to note that, in these cases, a full backup must be made before the implementation of each major modification to the site. Also, it is convenient to properly label backup files with date, time and reason (in this case the modification to be made)


Remember that a website is the intermediate layer of interaction between you and visitors, customers or users. Therefore to correctly provide the service and ensure the persistence and security of user data becomes a responsibility on your side.


There are many ways to backup your website, and these methods are highly dependent on the platform you use to make your website. If you use a CMS such as WordPress, you will have options available within the system itself or install an external plugin to help you with the task which gives you the benefits of automation. So that the backup task is secured.

Some WordPress plugins to do this are:




If your site is developed in a particular way or if you want to be independent of the chosen platform, you can always use the services of your web hosting provider or hosting to carry out the process. This method is preferred because we make sure that the process itself is free of faults.

Where and when:

An important aspect is considered to store of backup copies. These files and packages must be contained in a safe and reliable way. So that they are available whenever you need them and to avoid them falling into the wrong hands exposing the vital information of your website and your users.

Choose a secure location in the cloud, to avoid losing this valuable resource on local hardware devices. Some backup services integrate encryption, use this option if your site stores sensitive information from your users to provide the maximum possible security.

Automatic copies can be made according to a regular schedule ideally once a day. Significant changes to the website are those that result in manual backups and should be kept separate for easy access as soon as possible if required.

Once this resource is built into your normal and automatic web life, do not forget to verify the correct implementation of this backup creation service as we should not trust ourselves at all. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

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