Here is list of Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Android in 2020

Due to technological advancement, the demand for internet is higher than it was some years ago. Walk into any college and you will find many WiFi zones. Government and non-profit organizations are working hard to ensure that the public can access the internet easily and at a lower cost. 

Mostly, when a WiFi network is available, you will search for the largest media file to download onto your mobile device. Cellular data can be expensive and you would therefore not want to use it when downloading the huge files. Free Wi-Fi networks provide you with a chance to update all your mobile apps and download new ones. After all, we all love free things. 

Most businesses never give free WiFI network login information to non-customers. So, the only thing that most Android users do when they come across a WiFi network is to try to hack the password with their device. Well, hacking WiFi networks is lawful when solely done for security purposes. System administrators have to hack into their networks more often to pinpoint the loopholes and fix them. That is ethical. The only problem will arise if you hack other people’s WiFi networks for your gain.

The internet offers many WiFi password hackers but most of them require you to root your Android device. So, ensure that you have a rooted device running Android version 4.0 and above. Your main goal should be getting the login details of the free WiFi networks in your neighbourhood, not to steal other people’s information. To help you find WiFi hack apps for Android that work, we have prepared the following list. All the apps are worth trying.


Aircrack-ng is a trusted and reliable WiFi hacking app for Android devices. The developers also provide a version for Ubuntu platform that you can use in any place around the globe. Aircrack-ng was developed and ported by Enthusiasts at XDA Developers and Android Developers. Download the app from Play Store to protect your network and hack many other networks whenever a security violation occurs.

WPA WPS Tester

WiFi WPS WPA tester from Saniorgl SRL is available on Google Play Store, something that makes it a famous WiFi Hacking App in most countries. The developers designed the app to help system administrators identify all the weaknesses in their networks. But today, it has stood as the best WiFi password hacking app, possibly because it does not require rooting of the Android mobile device. If you are using an unrooted Android 5.0 (Lollipop), you can connect with the app but you will not view WEP-WPA-WPA2. The app takes a long time to crack networks. So, be patient when using it.

Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux might be the best operating system for people who do ethical hacking. Offensive Security is the developer of this open-source penetration-testing platform. To use it, launch Kali’s Wifite tool and complete all processes. Its configuration will help you complete the complex files configuration. The best WiFi hacker app customizable kernel supports 802.11 wireless injections, something that makes it a must-have for potential Wi-Fi network hackers. 


Reaver for Android (RfA) is another effective WiFi password hacking app you might want to try. It comes with monitor-mode support, which you can activate or deactivate at any time.  After installation, the best WiFi hack app Android detects all the WPS-enabled network routers without your intervention. With its GUI, users can access all the settings. It launches a brute force attack against any WPS registrar PINs and recovers WPA/WPA2 passphrases. Reaver supports external scripts.

WiFi Inspect

Wi-Fi Inspect is designed for Computer Security professionals and other advanced users like Ethical Hackers. This best wifi hack app android purpose is to help you monitor your WiFi networks or any other network you have the authority to control. Fundamentally, WiFi Inspect is a security audit tool and not a hacking tool. However, you can still use it for work. 


Arpspoof is designed to help people audit their networks. Dug Song developed it as part of his dsniff package. People use this best wifi hacker app to redirect the traffic on their local networks by forging the ARP replies or sending it to particular targets. They may also send it to hosts on their local network paths.

Network Mapper

Used by network professionals, Network Mapper (widely known as (Nmap for Android) is designed purposely to help you explore your network. The app works on both un-rooted and rooted Android devices. When installed in a non-rooted device, some of the advanced features may not work. After installation, Network Mapper scans the whole network to identify system details and ports. Users can audit their firewalls, services, hosts and packets.

WPS Connect

WPS Connect is among the easiest to use Hacking apps. It is designed for individuals desiring to monitor their WiFi network and to support many routers. That highly increases the possibility of breaking into WiFi networks. The app for Android devices targets the vulnerable networks – particularly those that use default PIN combos. Most routers are vulnerable and the hack is more likely to be successful if the WiFi network user is an entrant. Unfortunately, the app requires your Android device root access. The rooting process is easy.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

The list of Android WiFi hacking apps is long but most of them require you to follow extensive procedures that can take much of your time. It can be baffling to break a system only to realize that it is moderate and swarmed. Along that line, WiFi Analyzer examines the qualities of WiFi networks close to you. The app offers information and diagrams covering information such as dependability and diagrams. The information will help you hack only the less crowded networks and those with better speed.


WIBR + is designed to test security and integrity of Wi-Fi networks. The application relies on custom dictionary methods to attack WiFi networks and find passwords. Depending on the type of target network, you can choose options like lowercase, numbers, special characters and uppercase to do dictionary-based attacks. The time this app takes can vary depending on the strength of WiFi password.


Hacking WiFi networks without owner permission are unlawful and you might face legal charges after doing that. Use the apps to test your networks and identify the loopholes. If you must hack other people’s networks, the apps will crack WiFi passwords and allow you to connect to the internet. All you need is your Android device. Install some of best wifi password hacking apps and enjoy your time.

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