Best Torrenting Sites Still Working Today

Possibly, you have been seeing torrent websites come into being and disappear after a short time. There is a good reason for that. However, most individuals would want to know the best torrent websites that they can use today and avoid the associated issues. Most people believe that The Pirate Bay is still the leading torrent website, and only a few people hope that there will be a good replacement soon by new torrent sites. That might not be the case. Even though most of the best torrent sites have exited the scene recently, we have managed to come up with a list of the top torrenting sites 2019. Here they are.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is among the leading torrent sites still working in the market today. Moreover, it stands as the oldest website in this list and the king of torrents. If you have been relying on torrent websites, then you have possibly experienced silence among the most notorious torrents. You have to keep in mind that the Pirate Bay torrent website operates under the original name. Even though the site has gone through many challenges, in 2019, it is celebrating the 15th anniversary. Most torrent sites do not last for more than one year.


RARBG is another popular torrent tracker website that rose to fame after its inception in the year 2008. Even though there is nothing fancy about the design of this website, it manages more than 300,000 torrents in a day. After opening the website, the first thing that you are likely to realize is there are many categories, which might have assisted it to stands as one of the leading torrent websites. When it comes to the categories, the website provides ten lists in every category, which helps you understand the torrents that are trending. Moreover, the website provides excellent download speeds. Unfortunately, it is among the many that have been blocked in many regions and to access the torrents; you will need a VPN.

The other common name for is YIFY. If you have been using YIFY as your torrents source, then possibly you do not need any introduction. Unlike many other torrents download websites, it only provides high quality torrents. In addition to offering great HD movies, it is capable of offering small torrent files. A small torrent file will download faster and consume less bandwidth. The website has been branding third-party releases of the most popular movies. After several torrent websites banned such files, YTS managed to stand as the most popular.


Torrentzz2 might not be as popular as most other torrent websites but has a massive torrents database. The website provides over 16 million torrents from various categories such as games, movies, TV Shows, software, and anime. One of the best things about the website is that it is a low-key site, which means that you can access it from any part of the world. The website came into being as a replacement of the original Torrentz. Eu website, which closed its doors officially in the year 2016. Even though disappearing links to torrents is one of the issues to expect, the website is currently going stronger.


The name, EZTV.AG should tell you more about the website. The site offers quality TV shows alone from different parts of the world. Its interface might not be fancy, and in fact, some people consider it outdated. Due to its inventory of both old and new TV shows, it is among the go-for places for individuals who want to watch the trending TV shows and the old classics. Another thing that you are likely to love about this torrent website is the download speed. The torrent files are clean too, which means that you should not expect viruses or malware.


1337X is among the oldest torrent websites, but it started trending after Kickass disappeared. Just as you expect with most torrent websites, 1337X provides music, games, movies and some other types of content to the users. Therefore, you can use it to download your favorite TV shows or movies. Another great thing about the website is that it has dedicated torrent uploaders community that adds new content to the website each day. The download speeds are awesome. However, when using the site, you should be wary of malware. 


SeedPeer is among the leading and clean torrent websites you will ever come across. The homepage has all the types of file you need to be organized in a better way. Each time you click on a torrent file, you will see its age, the peers, seeder, and the health. That is all you need to select the best torrent. In addition to the clean user interface, the website provides a large number of torrents, and the downloading speeds are surprisingly great. The torrent website is worth trying this year. 


Another great torrent website to try is the KATCR. CO. Even though the website is not official, it provides more content as that of the original website. When it comes to the content, KATCR.CO provides download links and magnet for software, movies, music and games. The download speeds are consistent. When using the website, you will need a strong antivirus to protect your computer from viruses and malware. Otherwise, you will love the offered content.


Zooqle is among the leading torrent websites. It provides more than 3 million verified torrents from various categories like games, music, and movies. Even though it is very new to the torrents world, this website has already established a big name for itself. You will manage to find almost any torrent file, and the download speeds are very slow. That might surprise you, but you should not expect viruses or other forms of malware when downloading the torrent. 


To close this list of top torrent websites is Torlock. The website provides over 4 million torrents from all categories like TV shows, movies, games, and anime. One of the great things about the site is that it provides legitimate files, which is the reason they claim to pay $1 for every malicious or fake torrent file you come across when browsing the site. Even though I have never met someone who received the payment, the website is a good choice.

What’s the next for best torrent sites

Regulations change each day, and most top torrent sites are disappearing. Moreover, it can be hard to access some of those that exist from some parts of the world. The torrent giants have already disappeared and torrent you might need to consider every website that you come across. To access most of the websites, you will need to sign up for premium VPN services that leave no trace torrent.

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