Best Offline Android Games 2019 You Can Play Without Internet

Most games currently require an internet connection, whether it is via WiFi or mobile data connection. Though some extent represents a great disadvantage, since when you do not have access, these games are not useful to kill boredom. It is necessary to have offline mobile games that do not require internet connection and of course there are.

# 1 Geometry Dash World

It has positioned itself as one of the users’ favorite, as it is an addictive puzzle that has all the requirements to spend many hours playing and without having an Internet connection. It is attractive because of its color combination. It can be downloaded for free through Google Play.

# 2 Crossy Road

I’m here to stay a couple of years ago. This game has become another favorite. It is characterized by being an infinite runner, only which in this case it is not necessary to run. It is only a character that we must choose to reach the maximum score overcoming all the obstacles that are placed in front. It takes a lot of skill. This game is free and has integrated purchases.

# 3 Angry Birds Classic

An offline mobile games that have stayed almost the several years for Android, created by Rovio, this game was initially a sensation and to this day it remains an attractive game of birds against pigs. You will have to show how good aim you have to shoot down all the structures. The interesting thing about this game is that even a movie has to its credit. The game can be downloaded for free.

# 4 Jetpack Joyride

It was one of the most attractive best offline games for android at the time, the small one that has a propeller used to rise and dodge other enemies within the game. To this day the game of Halbrick is still valid and is one of the best, of those who have maintained their essence and is excellent to play without an internet connection. You can download it for Android on Google Play.

# 5 Fruit Ninja

Do you like to cut fruits? Do you like ninjas? This game combines both, Fruit Ninja is still one of the most addictive mobile games. This I say because it is possible to cut fruits by sliding your finger on the screen and imitating the movement of a ninja, the more you advance the faster the fruits and the pumps come out. It is a free game.

# 6 Subway Surfers

It is one of the first infinite runners that have existed on mobile platforms, takes control of the protagonist of the game and sees collecting coins and dodging all obstacles that arise in the game. The further you get, the more points you add, are you able to accept the challenge? This best offline android games is available for Android.

# 7 Asphalt 8: Airborne

If racing is your thing, one of the most popular is Asphalt 8, which has dozens of cars and various tracks around the world. It’s a car racing game, so you’ll have to demonstrate your skill at the wheel, it’s a game that you can download for free.

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