Best Measure Distance Apps for Android & iOS

With a mobile phone today, you can accomplish so many things. The smartphone are fitted with a lot of useful features which are making out lives more comfortable. For instance; measuring distance app that we will look at in detail in this post. We will look at that one specific feature-ability to measure distance. Smartphones can make distances using distance measuring app.

Notably, almost all the distance measuring apps use the smartphone camera. Also, for the apps suitable for use even at night or in dark corridors, they use the flashlights on the smartphone.  Importantly, these distance measuring apps use telemetry and sensor units on your phone, which may not give accurate results. Therefore, the apps should be used for estimates only. 

Distance measuring applications

There are quite several distance measuring apps. Apps measure distance with relative accuracy, and should never be used where accurate reading is required. We will look into detail some of these apps now. The following are the distance measuring apps.

Distance Measurement

This app is available for free for iPhone users. It’s used to measure the distance between two designated points on a map. You slide your finger on your iPhone screen to draw a line. You get the reading instantly.

For comparisons, the app gives both the shortest and most extended distances between the two points. Since the app uses online maps, you can search for distances for any place. You can even get the distance from your location.


This is a distance-measuring app with high accuracy. If you would like to know the height of an object or the distance between you and the object, EasyMeasure app is all you need. The app is available for both Android and iPhone gadgets.

The app uses the phone camera. The objects must be captured by the phone camera to measure their distances. Once you focus on the object, you can get the distance between you and the object being displayed at the top camera screen.

Once you take the measurements, you can share the finding on social media. You can save the results too, make comparisons, and make conclusions based on the observations.

Importantly, this app can be used even when it’s dark. The flashlights come in handy to help in lighting a dark place.

GPS Distance Meter

This application is similar to many of the distance measuring apps, but it has added benefits. For instance, you can run several apps at a go to measure distance when going somewhere: odometer to measure the whole traveled distance, Tripmeter for measuring distance traveled while cycling or driving, and Distance to measure the distance between two points.

GPS app runs in the background. To have it running, you open the play button by tapping on it. To stop the application and take the readings, you press stop or pause.

The reading will include, the average speed, time spent, distance traveled on the full route, and the gap between the starting points to until you have reached. 

Distance Measure

This app is useful when measuring distances between points on a map. You need online maps to use this app. Once you open the Map, you hold it to set a new spot. Then, choose the options to read the measurement.

You can change the type of the map as well as the unit of measurement. For instance, you can change the app to measure distance in feet. To use this app to measure, you must have internet connection since it uses online maps.

You can save the readings on your phone for reference.

Smart Measure

Smart Measure app is popular among Android users. The app supports 12 languages. It has millions of users across the globe.

When using this app, make sure you focus the camera to the ground. For instance, if you measure the height of a building, focus on the ground level of the building, and not the building itself. The app is used to measure the heights of the object, and the distances from objects..

Distance Meter

This is a simple tool to use when measuring distances and height of objects. You need to use the phone camera when using this tool.

For height, focus the camera and the top of the object, and tap on the screen. When measuring the distance, focus the camera to the bottom of the targeted object and tap the screen.

Distance and area measurement

To measure distance and area around a region, you use this app. Turn on the application plus the GPS function and start walking or running around a neighborhood.

The app will measure both the distance ran or walked, and the area of that region. The app guides you on what to do, making it suitable even for first-time users.

Smart Distance

This app is suitable for measuring distances within the range of 10m to 1km. It’s one of the distance meter versions from Smart Tools.

When using this app, you should at least know the height or width of the object. You can estimate the dimension since most of the objects already have known dimensions. Enter the known size of the object and tap the phone on the screen. You get the distance by aligning the object along two lines. It’s that simple.

Based on the distance of the target from where you are you can choose any of the three tools; Smart Ruler (for very short distances), smart measure(for lengths of up to 50m, and smart Distance (for distances within 10m-1km)

While the above applications are accurate, they should not replace the actual tools. For precise measurements, real instruments are necessary. The best measuring distance app can be used informally when you want a general idea about the distance or area.

If any of the tool applications has pleased you, you can go ahead and download to your phone and start using right away. The process of downloading and installing is straightforward as it is with any other application you have ever downloaded on play store.

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