The Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps 2019

Today some apps have made monitoring of heart rate easy and accessible to all as long as you have the device. Knowing there are many heart monitoring apps is not enough. You need to be equipped with information about which ones are best and serve you right. The information in this post will come in handy, as a give you the list and detailed information about each proper heart rate monitoring app there is. Dive with me as I unveil this crucial information about the heart rate apps android and heart rate apps iPhone.

For minor health concerns, there is no need to walk in a medical facility for heart rate monitoring. However, for significant health issues, heart rate monitoring apps should not replace medical attention.  For instance; if you participate in fitness regimes, you must have thought of monitoring your heart rate. For the health conscious persons, the heart rate speaks volumes about the state of one’s health. With the prevalence of heart diseases today, its always significant for anyone to be concerned about heart rate from time to time.

To take care of the need for regular heart rate monitoring, many apps are available for that purpose. Smartphones are making it possible for you to monitor your heart rate as long as you have the right app installed.  Heart rate monitoring app uses camera and flash alone to give the results.

List of the Best Heart Rate Monitoring Apps

You can use any of the apps listed below. All these apps are convenient and easy to use.

  • Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor Android/iPhone

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor is a favorite app among its users. It’s easy to use without the need for external hardware. All you need is just a phone.

It gives comprehensive information on findings, including graphs capturing your heart rate history.

After monitoring your heart rate performance before and after workouts, you can upload the findings on for detailed analysis and comparisons.

  • Pulse-Heart Rate Monitor Android

This is the right app to use to monitor your heart rate. You only need your phone. The phone’s camera and flash help in capturing and calculating if heart rate. All the findings are saved for future analysis and comparison.

The information can be used to give health conclusion and recommendations based on age and your heart rate when at rest.  

  • Qardio iPhone

Thousands of people have used this app, and so far, it’s one of the best. The users have been giving positive reviews about the app.

It’s free to use app available for Android and iPhone users. It’s used to track blood pressure and other health body essential data like BMI, ECG, weight, heart rate, and calories.

For this app to function, you need a CardioArm. To monitor the comprehensive state of your health, download this app in your phone, and start using it.

  • Instant Heart Rate iPhone/Android

This is a popular app with the best ratings from users who have used before. The app is so accurate and easy to use.

The app provides you with detailed data with graphs. The app can be used to monitor your heart rate while asleep, during workout or training.

  •  Cardio: Heart Rate Monitor iPhone

This is easy to use the app to monitor your pulse. For those in the fitness regime, this app is essential as its accuracy helps track your performance and results of your efforts.

Importantly, this heart rate app iPhone allows for records that help you track your performance and progress over a specific time. The saved data is transferable to other devices which means you can share it.

  • Accurate Heart Rate Monitor Android

This app is simple to use and give accurate results. It’s available for free on google play store.

When using it, you don’t need external hardware. It monitors not only the heart rate but also the number of calories burnt.  

  • My Workouts Heart Rate Monitor GPS Tracker Android

This app is suitable when one wants to monitor various things during the workout. You can use it to track calories, heart rate, GPS, sports activity, and offline maps.

It’s suitable for users taking part in hiking, cycling, mountain biking, etc. At any given time, you can know where you are and estimate how long you will take to get to — your destination.

It’s not only suitable for outdoor activity tracking but indoor fitness activities too — for instance, treadmill, cycling, etc.  

  • Heart Beat Rate Android

This app is mostly used for medical purpose. It monitors the heartbeat of a patient using a phone’s internal motion sensors.

By monitoring your heartbeat performance over a specific period, you conclude whether there is health improvement.

  • Heart Rate Monitor Android

Heart Rate Monitor Android is used to monitor and analyze blood flow from one’s fingertips. It is quite accurate. Its one of the best heart rate monitor appyou can come across.

All the information is displayed and organized well for easy comparison. For instance, the data is categorized on heart rate at rest, during exercise, and after exercise.

It gives general health status, which is a conclusion of your health condition based on the results.

In a short!

All the above-listed heart rate monitoring devices have been used before, and they guarantee reliability and accurate information. You can use any of the above best heart rate monitor  app to track your health improvement and enhance your healthy lifestyle based on the findings

The results can be shared with friends, doctors, and family members for further recommendations and support. Don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends if you find the information helpful. Mostly, healthy living regimes are best applied when you do it with others for fun and accountability.

To worry less about the state of your heart rate, you are required to embrace healthy living. This way, even as you check your heart rate from time to time, you are already at peace, because you can also bet of being healthy. Healthy living is all about eating healthy foods and exercising to stay fit.

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