Best Free Backup Software Reviews

A decision of not backing up your data might affect you greatly shortly. Disk drives are known to fail, and some evil people are always looking for a chance to encrypt your data with ransomware. People have lost their data permanently due to ransomware, and you do not want to be the next victim. After encrypting files with the ransomware, they will ask for a huge amount of money so that they can provide with the information you need to access your data again.

Even though you might afford to pay the huge amount, there is no guarantee that you will be able to access your data again. That is the main reason you should focus on protecting your data by backing it up regularly. With software developers offering more and more best free backup software, you do not have to complete the process manually anymore. Here are some of the software programs that you should try to do that easily.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

The EaseUS Todo Backup Free allows the users to backup their folders and files, partitions or entire drives and creates a new system backup. The option offered smart option backs up files automatically in the locations you use more often, and you would manage to use cloud storage. After that, you can schedule backups, run them in incremental, differential, or even perform full backups when necessary.

The free version comes with most of the features you will find in the premium version. You will manage to schedule your backups, but you will not benefit from the option of having some events trigger the backup. The same also applies when it comes to the PC-to-PC backups, the command line-driven backups, and the Outlook backups. They are good to have, but their absence will not break the deal. Even though the premium version comes with several additional features, the free version might be everything you need.

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is among the most effective free backup software for windows in the market today. First, the software is free and comes with many advanced features. Even though the tool is more complicated and packs a lot for beginners, who only need to ensure that their data is safe and avoid problems associated with system failure, the developer ensured that it would grow with your business. In addition to helping you backup as much information as possible, the tool will also help you schedule your backup tasks. You can back up a single folder at a time or several of them if you want to do that.

The tool supports several backs up locations, which means that you can store your files solely on a local computer on FTP server or the local network to enjoy the peace of mind you require. The most important thing about the Cobian Backup software is that you can many backups at once and too many locations, therefore, saving the time you need to ensure that all your files are safe.

On the downside, even though all backups are very fast, you will have to wait for a longer time to restore your data. The restoration tasks are sluggish compared to backup. In other words, if you need to back up the data and restore it in case of an outage, you will have to consider other options.

 Paragon Backup and Recovery

If you are looking for best backup software free that is effective, you might need to consider the Paragon Backup and Recovery. The backup software allows easier copying of data. Its wizard-based interface will allow you to backup all the data in your computer system at once, backup partitions, files, and folders. You can also base your backups on file type and locations. Its data management toolset includes WinPE recovery medium that will help you make a rescue system on your USB stick. That helps the users access their hard drives, including when their Windows desktop fails to boot.

After deciding on the type of data backup you would want, you should leave your software to take care of anything else itself. The process does not end there, as its name suggests, the software is a data recovery tool too. It offers a USB-based and CD recovery system that you can use to restore your data, including when it is impossible to boot into your Windows desktop.  After you have signed up for an account, you will like all the features.


FBackup is among the slight data backup tools with the slightly unappealing interface. However, that should not push you off. Under the ugly exterior, you will get the more effective backup utility. FBackup provides advanced modes and wizard choice. Regardless of which you opt for, you will be able to easily back up your folders and files at any time of the day to your network or local drives, removable hard disks or your Google Drive account. To keep your backups updated, you will need to schedule the backup.

The in-program adverts will advise you to upgrade to the premium Backup4all option, but they are unobstructed. Therefore, you just need to ignore them if you are not ready to upgrade. Remember that the free version has limited features, and you can add them depending on your personal needs. If you are ready to live without FTP backups, encryption, incremental backups, and email notifications, FBackup is a great choice.

Google Backup and Sync

Google Backup and Sync is different from the traditional backup tools in that it is cloud-based, and the data it helps you backup depends on the space you have purchased on Google storage. Google limits you on the amount of storage, but you can increase the space without having to pay any money. Google Backup and Sync is a better choice for people who want to back up their individual directories and not their whole system. To backup your folders and files, you just need to choose the folders and files the software should monitor. After that, the software will implement any deletions, additions, or changes instantaneously. As the name has suggested, you can use the software to synchronize your folders and files between several computers and you can access them from any place through the Google Drive web application. Even though the space is limited, the best free backup software for windows 10 tool is excellent.

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