Best Anime Websites To Watch Dubbed Anime Online Free

If you are reading this, then most likely you are searching for the best English dubbed anime website. Most anime fans will tell you that it is hard to find English anime series. That has not prevented the number of anime series fans from increasing. Most people use their iPhones to watch anime series, but the key problem they face is that they rarely get dubbed anime sites of the quality they want. Therefore, if you are already in this condition, you might need some help. That is the reason we are here. Below, you will find a list of the best sites that allow to watch dubbedanime online free and downloading of anime videos.

The best sites to watch dubbed anime sites

With anime websites English dubbed, you will have no reason for visiting other websites to get the translated versions. The sites will give free dubbing on most of the anime series you need. By using them regularly, no single anime series episode will miss you. Here are free English dubbed anime sites.


For the diehard lovers of anime series, the 9Anime site is worth consideration. It provides high-quality anime videos free of charge. You will be able to watch anime videos without any registration or paying. You just need to visit the website, enjoy anime series episodes, and use the many great features. Check on the schedules and send movie requests if that is necessary. You will get many high-quality anime videos to enjoy.

Yahoo View

Yahoo View became more popular recently, and most anime lovers are opting for the content the site provides. The site has a wide variety of anime series, and almost every episode has subtitles. If you are a dubbed anime fan, the website should be a perfect choice.


If you need an anime series website that is easy to use or offering English dubbed series, you will have to try GoGo Anime to watch dubs online. The GoGo developers have also added a list of quality anime series, available with their new season category. You will have the option of searching for an anime series depending on its popularity. The “Ongoing Series” section is the best part of this site. It has a list of all the ongoing series that you will watch free of charge. That has made it more popular among the users. GoGo has a sorted anime series too that they base on series. The result is easier to search free anime English dubbed videos.

Kiss Anime

The Kiss Anime site is among the Eng dub anime websites that anime series lovers will mention from time to time. The website provides you with the opportunity of watching your favorite anime series at any time free of charge. Best of all, the anime series is English Dubbed and are accessible through mobile devices and personal computers. However, you will not be able to access the site through Opera Mini, UC mini, or some other small browsers – this is one of the big drawbacks. After opening the website, you will get a register button, but there will need to register so that you can start watching the anime series. On the site’s left side, you will see the regular updates relating to the English dubbed anime.

Anime Freak

The name alone should help you know more about the Anime Freak website. The freakish website provides English dubbedanime series. It has a unique User Interface, and after opening the homepage, you will access a wide collection of anime series. After you get the anime you need, click on it to watch. The developers say that people stream around 10,000 anime episodes each day and they add many new animes. That is the key reason you will never miss anything new.


Masterani is among the newest free dubbed anime sites providing English dubb animes free of charge. Even though anyone can access the site from any place, you should be ready for many ads. The developers chose to place the anime lists on the front page. Therefore, after you open the homepage, there will be no need for navigating to any other page to get the videos you want. The website is easier to use, and you do not have to log in.

Anime Season

Anime Streams is among the new website portals that anime lovers can use. They allow the users to place their requests if they are unable to locate the anime series they need on the website portal. The anime series is English dubbed, and some contain English subtitles. After opening the website, you will get direct links to the videos you want. In other words, you will not face any difficulty when viewing the videos. Unfortunately, the website has many advertisements that will annoy you.

Only Dubs

Only Dubs is a standard portal that offers higher quality videos for anime series enthusiasts. Most of the people watch anime online dubbed & love it because of the higher quality anime English dubbed series. In addition to streaming anime videos, you can choose a TV show episode and download it. The website is among the easiest to use. It has a sleek design, which means that even third graders can use it.

Anime Heaven

The name alone should tell you that Anime Heaven is a great place for anime series lovers. The website is among the few that provide the most recent and updated English dubbedanime series. You will find a list of the most recent anime videos on the homepage, and you can click on any link and start watching the process. The developers focused more on creating A to Z lists, but the best part is there are no links, spam or advertisements. If you are an anime lover, this might be the perfect website for you.

Anime Streams

Anime Streams is not only a new website portal, but it is also among the free English dubbed anime series websites. The developers offer you a chance to send a request if you cannot find the anime episode you need. After that, they will send you a direct link of the video, which means that you will get the best experience. On the downside, the site has many advertisements that will disturb you continuously.

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