Best Apps You Won’t Find In The Play Store [2020]

Google developed the Android platform around apps and the Play Store offers the largest number of mobile apps. Almost every Android user downloads a new app from time to time from Play Store. But did you know that the internet offers many awesome apps that some best apps you won’t find in the play store ? Now, you know. To get some of the apps on your mobile device, you need to use “sideloading” process. 

If you are a beginner, you should know that to register an app on Play Store, you have to follow many rules and regulations and at times, it is hard for smartphone apps developers to comply with the policies while still developing the best apps for their target population. Google bans all the apps that do not comply with their policies and most of them are never listed. That does not mean that you can never use the applications. You can visit the official websites and install them from there.

Here are some of the best apps not on play store for your smart phone


Fortnite is among the most popular video games on the globe today. The game from Epic Games is not available on the Play Store because of Google’s expensive proposition and plenty-of-things-to-buy revenue model of Fortnite. Google charges around 30 percent of the sales done in-app due to the distribution, promotion and payment services they offer. However, Epic Games can distribute its software updates and process any global payment. That makes Fortnite one of the best apps you won’t find in the Play Store.

K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is an open-sourced app and one of the best apps not on Play Store. As its name suggests, the app is an advanced Android’s email client. The key features on this app include WebDAV support, Push IMAP support, BCC to self, black/white themes, per account notifications and multiple identities. Jesse Vincent is the developer of this app. To create it, he developed a patch to the Email app on Android 1.0, when the creators were figuring out how to deal with community contributions. After creating the version, he made it an open-source email app.


XTunes is an Android app designed for people who love downloading audio files on the go. Unlike most apps available on Google Play Store, you can store music files on your storage. XTunes offers both the old and more recent tracks. You can sort tracks by the album, artist, cover photo or track. Almost every music track is available in 320kbps quality. After searching for tracks, you will get the option to download them from YouTube.


As its name suggests, QuickLyrics provides lyrics of the songs playing or the songs you search manually. Perhaps, you might what is the difference between this app and the others available on Google Play Store, such as MusiXmatch. The main difference is that QuickLyrics allows people to download lyrics for their songs offline. Some other apps might allow that but for an additional cost. Each time you refresh lyrics; the app will find the lyrics and download them. You can set it too to display lyrics each time a track changes on your device. That should sound awesome.


If your Android device is already rooted, Viper4Android is another app to try. The equalizer application – possibly a father of all equalizers, allows users to configure almost everything. However, it comes with a few limitations. First, you will require a rooted Android device to install and run it. If your Android device is not rooted, try Poweramp music player, which offers a similar experience. As a music enthusiast, you will enjoy the audio output. The key features include AnalogX, X86 Support, Spectrum Extension, Differential Surround, Fidelity Control, Auditory System Protection and Speaker Optimization.

Popcorn Time

One of the things that will come into your mind whenever you hear the phrase “Popcorn Time” is movie time or relaxation time. The app allows you to spend your movie time in a better way. It allows downloading of TV series and movies with one click. So, when you are bored, there will be no need of opening Google or torrent websites to start searching for TV shows and movies. Popcorn Time app a great choice for movie and TV series lovers. Unlike the apps available in platforms like Showbox, Popcorn Time is bug-free. It allows users to watch trailers before downloading. The video quality is excellent and you can choose to download with subtitles. The download will start immediately you press the magnet button.


MixPlorer is among the leading Android file managers on the internet today and among the best apps, you won’t find in the Play Store. The app comes with a neat user interface and many other features that appeal to both the power and casual users. First, it provides a dual-panel mode and tab support on the big screens that help when running several folders simultaneously. The app also allows you to access most of your cloud files. Use any of the offered seventeen services such as MEGA, Dropbox, Google Drive and Onedrive.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is designed to modify the other Android Apps on your device. To use the app, you need a rooted Android device. The app can run several actions such as modifying APK files, removing the license verification for most premium apps, back up, restoring apps and removing Google ads. But before using the app, you will need to do a full backup of your apps because it may lead to loss of data.

Xposed Framework Installer

Installation of custom ROM is among the methods of Android devices customization but if you only need to customize a few things on your device, there is no need of doing that. XPosed Framework Installer allows users to modify existing systems without going through the hassles of installing custom ROM. However, it is designed for the root-level Android users alone and it offers many features to improve your device. When using it, you will need to be extra careful. Before using it or any of its components, start by backing up your device system.


Adaway is an open-source ad blocker that you can run free of charge on your Android device. Previously, the app was available on Google Play Store but Google banned it after the developers violated the Google developer agreement, finally this best apps not on play store. Fortunately, you can still install this app from F-droid. The application requires root access to run and the available version is for Android 2.1 devices and above. Download the APK file from the offered link and allow installation of apps from unknown sources on your device.


The above apps are useful but also unique. They will improve your experience because the developers build them with features that make them and their functions favourable toward all users. To try any of the apps, you will need to allow apps from unknown sources on your device. Some will only run on a rooted device.

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