8 Best App and Online Resources for Education

There are numerous online educational resources where a learner can learn different things. Some time back, smartphones were considered a source of distraction for learners, but now, things have changed. Mobile app development has helped learners in different areas of their learning. They have turned smartphones into virtual classrooms where learners can easily participate in curricular activities with focus. If you are looking for the best app and online resource for education, you may want to try the following apps.

1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most popular and best resources for online learning. It has numerous courses from different educational providers. With Coursera, you will find plenty of free courses in various subject areas. Whether you want to learn about digital marketing or data analytics, you will find a course that best suits your needs. The good thing about using Coursera is that the site allows you to complete other related courses, also referred to as specializations. The specializations help to sharpen your knowledge in specific topics.

If you are looking into expanding your skills in programming. Codio is also another great online resource that offers lessons on intro to c++, java, or other programing skills

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy strives to provide learners with the best free education. The site offers online lectures in the form of videos and has become very popular worldwide. Therefore, if you want to take on a new course to feed your inquisitive mind, you should certainly consider visiting this site. Moreover, Khan Academy provides courses for learners to prepare for various standardized tests such as MCAT and SATs.

3. edX

edX partners with some of the most famous universities, such as Harvard and MIT. The platform has nearly 2500 courses for learners to select from. The platform is mostly focused on humanities and natural sciences; therefore, it’s a perfect place for people who would like to broaden their knowledge in these areas. Some of the most popular subjects in this online resource include languages and computer science. Most of the courses at edX are free, but some professional courses attract some fees. Therefore, before you sign up, understand what to expect before committing yourself to anything.

4. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is part of the Open University online resources. It offers various free short courses across multiple subjects. The short courses are provided for free, and learners can get a printable digital certificate after completing their studies. Certification comes at a fee of around $40.

This platform offers approximately 14 subject areas with different short and long courses based on how deep you would want to go into a specific topic. The courses also depend on how easy it will be to fit them into your daily schedule. It’s easy to find a course of interest in FutureLearn, including healthcare, teaching, engineering courses, among others. The platform also provides online degrees, although you will need to pay tuition fees to access the lectures.

5. Duolingo

Learning new languages can be challenging because it takes lots of time and effort. If you find that your online techniques are not quite adaptive, it’s easy to lose focus and interest. With Duolingo, learning languages is a walk in the park. You can learn different languages, including English, French, and Spanish, in the most fun and interactive way.

6. Remind

Students can fill learning gaps through group learning. However, it’s hard to get several students to join and learn together. That is why you need the Remind app to help with such a problem. The app facilitates learners to stay connected with their school community.

7. SoloLearn

This is one of the best apps for coding enthusiasts. Beginners and pros can use this app since it has plenty of free coding courses across different languages, including java and python. The languages will help you if you are interested in developing mobile apps.

8. Quizlet

Quizlet is an excellent education online resource for making learning easy and quick. The app contains flashcards and tests, which help learners to study. The goal of this platform is to encourage active recall, a process where you stimulate your memory actively when learning,


Most educational institutions are integrating their networks with mobile apps. Online learning platforms have become popular and are booming. Therefore, to move along with this trend, you can use the apps mentioned in the article as your online education resources.

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