Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Officially

If any pages to watch series or movies become more popular, the anime is not far behind. Throughout this post we will see the Best sites to Watch Anime Free and Online.

These nice Japanese drawings have passionate of both sexes and extensive ranges of age, these are known as otakus. (If you are looking for alternative options to animeyt you are in the right place). These site is for watch TV online and free, are perfect for all types of content, including the anime.

Best anime streaming sites in English

While most of the pages to watch anime online are free, many of them include too much advertising, which can be dangerous for your computer and your privacy, for this reason there are some payment pages where you can see anime without advertising and with more dubbing options (although of course, this will cost you).


Netflix the giant of streaming is already well known, they plan to join the wave of the anime, and now not only you will be able to see certain traditional best of the anime as: Digimon fusion, Death Note, Pokemon Indigo League, Naruto, Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin.

Now you will also be able to find own titles produced by exactly the same Netflix: Sidonia no Kishi, Cyborg 009: Call of Justice, Blame, Perfect Bones, Ajin: semi-human, Devilman Crybaby.

To subscribe to Netflix the first month is free (although you will have to provide your credit card information) and once the month is over you can subscribe to the basic plan for seven with ninety nine USD or have access to HD content with the premium plan for eleven with ninety-nine USD per month.


Hulu is another popular streaming platform and live TV that has an extensive and interesting catalog of the anime genre.

The paid plans of Hulu go from seven with ninety nine USD the basic plan to thirty nine with ninety nine USD per month the Premium plan with live tv (although to be able to see anime the basic plan is great for you), you can do a free one month test by giving your credit card information.

Of course, Hulu being a page of the United States, most of its content will only be in Japanese audio subtitled to English or directly dubbed into English, so if you’re not familiar with English maybe Hulu will not be for you


Despite being an eminently paid page, it also has a free version, with which you will be able to watch anime and manga, after one or two weeks of the release date, watch videos in the standard quality of 480p , and will also include advertising in the videos and manga that you see, although never as invasive as in the webs totally free.

With the Premium version that you will be able to get for 4.99USD per month you can get access to all the manga and free anime in Crunchy Roll and be able to see the premiere chapters after an hour of premieres in the Japanese country, watch videos in 720p quality and 1080p and forget about advertising.

You can do a free trial of fourteen days of the Premium version, giving your Paypal data or credit card.

Final conclusion to watch anime in 2019

After seeing each and every one of the options you may wonder what is the Best anime streaming sites?

Do you consider yourself Otaku? What is your favorite anime? Do you think that we have left some other page to be able to see anime outside of this list? Thought here is anime sites to watch anime for free. Tell us below.

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