Best Putlocker Alternative Websites to Watch Free Movies

Due to the new technology and popularity, watching a movie has become available in many mediums amongst them online. The emergence of many websites indicates that you can freely watch your favorite film only requiring an internet connection. Let’s first discuss one of the sites named putlockers. Would you like to know what is putlockers? It’s among the most favorite online movies used for streaming films and television series from the most fashionable to recently released for free.

Maybe you are wondering where is putlocker situated. The website originated in the United Kingdom and got formed in early 2011. After the fall of Mega upload, the site grew, and it received many visitors (viewers) daily. The fact is the putlocker gets loved for the content it gives, and also for its useful putlocker feature which allows viewers to just come across movies with any keyword.

The free and recently released types of movies increased the longing of people to watch more. Interestingly, this website got ranked as one of the top 250 most viewed sites on the internet worldwide. However, in the year 2016, there was an unwanted awareness (orders from the High Court) that the best putlocker sites were voluntary shut down & finally putlocker is not working properly.. That’s why the majority are looking for putlockers alternative to watch free movies.

After the closure, the putlocker free streaming featured domain address has changed several times all over its history with the top recent domain seizure being the URL The reason why it hit was due to the variety of TV shows and putlockers net movies which streamed online. Among the various domains include putlockers ch today,, and Nevertheless, putlockers ch featured shut down later. But those who love entertainment movies should not worry since there are some modern putlocker alternative they can still enjoy.

Besides, it’s unfamiliar whether the alternatives have the original putlocker group; hence it’s hard to decide their consistency. Also, the majority gets different domain names. However, if you are in putlocker search or hunting for putlocker free streaming to have your favorite movies and TV shows never worry. Read through the workable putlocker free movies new site today, alternatives discussed below to get the help putlockers movie free online websites and enjoy the quality free putlockers new site right away;


Fmovies is a famous movie streaming website similar to putlocker. It offers multiple movies and TV shows for users to watch freely. Also, it has high-quality videos which generally are not advertised to avoid piracy. The most exciting thing is that it contains many Hollywood movies and shows where you can put If you want to play the Fmovies, you can putlocker it movie and select your choice from the movie page. Automatically, the film will begin to play.

All 123movies

All 123movies is one of the most popular streaming websites where users watch a variety of TV movies and show online for free. This website seems the same as that of putlocker free streaming site and gives attractive service. Also, they are the most popular and latest movies shown offering statistical records representing its value. Surprisingly, due to some problems the 123movies website faced, led to its shut down. However, due to the close, the site has become known with another different URL. Remember, you can look for other sites like the pirate bay to avoid the shutdown.   

Popcorn time

The website is one of the best putlocker free movies alternatives to stream shows and movies although someway different than putlocker. It gives a broad range of free content categories with the latest shows and movies. However, it’s advisable to download the popcorn time app (to watch movies) rather than browsing. After getting the app, you can opt for your alternative movie title and play it; putting in mind that it’s easy to install the app and in diverse strategies.

Vidnow movies

Vidnow movies are one of the put locker movies streamed from the put locker movie site which offers a variety of TV and films. Both pirated, legal classic film and those in community commons get presented. Therefore, the website releases some legal films where others are not legal. Since then, Vidnow gets closely associated with a piracy site as that of 123 movies.

Putlockers TV show

Putlockers tv show is the favorite TV programs streamed online for entertainment. The number of TV programs that entertain viewers has highly increased. Have you ever missed your much-loved TV program? How did you feel? Bad, I guess. That’s why you find the majority who either miss their favorite TV program feel as if they have lost something important. Therefore, get out putlocker free streaming to avoid this feeling and by looking for other series as your alternative.

Solar movie

The solar movie is an online website situated for watching TV movies and shows. It’s one of the best sites for viewing at no cost as compared to previous putlockers 2016. Additionally, it has various films in multiple genres such as romance. Since the anti-piracy groups are all over, the solar movie changes their domain regularly. In the present, you can find their site at through the putlocker search.


Primewire is among the alternatives to putlockers mainly for streaming online movies. All movies are arranged as playlists and are available in low, medium, and high video qualities. Interestingly, you can get access to movies, TV shows, and music as well. Besides, it has an out-of-date layout with a dull design.


The site offers latest and quality movies and shows online. Those who are subscribers to Netflix, they are more familiar with this site. This means, its user interface and design look like that of Netflix a lot. Also, the menu and navigation seem attractive; thus the collection of movies gets established on the website. Additionally, niter presents a full-screen view where it’s simple to stream your preferred online film easily. Generally, this alternative to putlocker has many amazing features.   


GoMovies is another Putlocker alternative to watch free alternative which provides free movies and TV shows online. It’s simple to navigate and more so allows the user to stream selected movies in HD. Note that, it keeps updating the latest videos; thus the majority of the people enjoy viewing it regularly.  GoMovies, as well as 123movies, share the database.

From the above-stated Putlocker alternative new site, it’s clear that many websites offer free downloading and streaming of movies and TV programs. However, you only need to decide carefully to avoid piracy cases. Therefore, the use of sites like thepiratebay with great VPN service is highly recommended to get out potlucker & protect your safety. Choosing the best putlocker ninja website, you’ll be able to maximize all the reimbursement that you can get from considering your alternative.

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