Now, You Can Perform A Basic Backup of Your Windows 10 Data Without Installing Third-Party Applications

Having a backup of our data for any operating system is something we should never avoid. If we have space limitations, at least keep those files in safe that are essential and whose loss can cause us a major headache.

In this case we discover the options of Windows 10 that allows a backup copy. It is about creating a backup of the most important data using the native tool that includes the Microsoft operating system. There is no required to install alternatives third parties software. Although they are more powerful and provide many options, however, we will now leave it aside.

The option to make backup copies in Windows 10 is quite basic. But it allows us to get out of the way. Of course, we will not find options for different types of backup types. However the option allows us to determine what data we want to save and where we want to make the copy.

The first step is to access the “Settings in Windows 10” menu by means of the cogwheel that appears in the lower left margin. Press and a window will open with different options well known by all among which we must click on “Update and security“.

Once we have accessed “Update and security“, we move through the left margin between the different options to get what is called “Backup.” We click on it to access a series of configuration options.

The system will ask us for the place where we want to make the copy, so that we can choose any type of external unit that we have connected. In that case we must click on the option “Add a drive“.

A drop-down is opened that shows the storage units that we have available in the PC and we mark the one that we want to use to add it.

The system is responsible for carrying out the entire process. For this it allows the realization of an automatic copy with the option “Make an automatic backup of my files“. This function can be unchecked by simply deactivating the switch that appears by default.

Under it we find another direct access to a new menu under the title “More options.” If we click on it, the system will ask about the files that we want to have a backup copy of, as well as inform us about the size of that copy.

We can determine which moment the backup will be carried out with options of different periods of time (the time fixed by default is of each hour). It also allows that we can always keep the copy or expiration (default is always set to active).

And finally comes the most important option that allows us to select the folders that we want to back up.

Under the heading “Add Folder“, the system allows you to choose which specific folders we want to back up.

By default Windows 10 establishes a series of folders, which we can eliminate or increase according to our needs and depending on the space we have to make the copy.

If we do not want to use third-party windows 10 backup software such as EaseUS Todo Backup Free or Paragon Backup & Recovery and we just want to make a basic copy of our data, the native Windows utility that can get us out of trouble without much issue.