Amazing Applications of The Internet of Things (IoT) For Future

In the coming years it is expected to exceed the figure of 28,000 million connected devices in the world. The Internet of Things forecasts place as one of the leading technologies with the greatest market potential. Its convergence with other emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality cause significant changes in the consumer both their personal and work place. Although its spectrum is very broad, as individual user’s interconnected devices facilitate the achievement of routine activities and business entities. That engage us in an exceptional process of digital transformation. We analyze some of the real iot examples in daily life: from wearables to smart cities.

How will IoT applications ideas change our present and future?

Wearables, devices within our reach

The wearable technology refers to those objects that we use in our every day’s life as accessories. It’s a clear example of the Internet of Things. Currently, the most innovative electronic devices allow us to interact with the environment. Glasses, headphones, watches or smart wristbands are complements that facilitate the automation of routine activities. In addition, with this technology we access particular data relating, among other aspects, to our health or physical activity. Some of these wearables also allow us to interact with the environment through augmented reality. The latest additions to the market have revolutionized the sector: 3D printed masks that measure our emotions, portable sensors for plants that analyze the use of water in crops or even devices to check the feelings of our pet.

Smart home living

The fact is turning a house into smart one. Almost without a hint or doubt, the most popular application of the Internet of Things are available at the moment. After wearables, a smart home is the most accessible and affordable technology for users. It combines innovative systems such as geofencing, which consists of the geolocation of a specific area of ​​the house, or the August Smart Lock, an intelligent lock that alerts you at any time of who crosses the door of your home. In this aspect, the Internet of Things is totally at our service. None of other technologies is implies around us.

Retail, one of the most benefited sectors

Although other professional fields such as industry or agriculture are also favored by IoT applications. Retail is one of the sectors with the most benefits. This technology allows to carry out a control of the supply chain and a tracing of the products. It also favors the process of payments made through NFC technology (Near Field Communication) and the automatic management of purchase and sale of smart products.

Smart cities

Smart cities refer to a model of urban development based primarily on sustainability. This application of the IoT that we analyze is probably the one that marks a before and after in our life style. This technology has enough potential to transform our cities, but to which level? Thanks to the efficient infrastructures implemented in smart cities and the use of sensors and developed systems. We can solve problems that affect our daily life such as traffic congestion, rising levels of pollution or the presence of crime. Safety and energy efficiency are two clear goals of the evolution of smart cities.

Take care of our pets

In the present there are several IoT devices which can track and feed our pet. A necklace with GPS and a programmed dispenser is one of the most common examples.

In the future you could receive information according to patterns of behavior and movements of your quadruped. You could know your health in real time! (maybe your cat does not like going to the vet very much 🐱).

There are already devices on the market such as PetCube or Petnet Smartfeeder but with the ease that we now have of acquiring small but powerful computers (Raspberry pi) or microcontrollers (Arduino), we have the power to carry out very ingenious and powerful projects at a very affordable price.

Although the ultimate goal of IoT in this context is to monitor our pets by using connectivity, it also allows us to intensify human – animal relationships through real – time communication.

In a Short

Obviously, the applications of the Internet of Things are not limited to those cited in this article. Other sectors such as health or transport are also influenced by their management processes with this technology.

The iot applications 2019 has evolved a lot since the eighties. From drinks vending machines to transport mega-structures, this system is increasingly present in our daily lives. And of course, now we can use it with our fanged companion. The systematization and automation of activities is one of the main purposes of our developed actions.

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